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Thursday, 27 October 2005

30 Days, E4

What to say if you liked it
Morgan Spurlock exposes the terrible iniquities in American society.
What to say if you disliked it
Morgan Spurlock spends an hour whinging while his fiancée shivers and the bus never comes.

What was good about it?
• Morgan and fiancée Alex made a brave effort to live for 30 days on the minimum wage, and did a fine job in showing how American's working poor face a desperate battle for survival while obese fatcats benefit from Bush's taxcuts.
• Morgan's rants about the failure to increase the the minimum wage for eight years and the crippling cost of healthcare – he had to pay $500 just to be seen in a hospital's emergency room and $40 for a bandage.
• The generosity of the folk at the church who provided essentials for the poor, allowing Morgan and Alex to have a table to eat from in the insect-infested hovel that served as their temporary home

What was bad about it?
• Morgan isn't a very charismatic figure so it was hard to engage in his plight. He came across as a bit of an idiot; Alex emerged as sensible and tolerant.
• The cinematography was far too beautiful. However nasty Columbus, Ohio may have been, the filming failed to convey the squalour which rather diluted the message.
• The terrible story of the man who earned more in his first job 25 years ago than he does now on minimum wage.

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