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Thursday, 5 July 2007

Fonejacker, E4

Did we like it?
Fonejack (verb): to seize control of a telephone conversation by farce esp. to divert it from reason and logic. That was the definition in the title credits, and to be fair, that was exactly what happened. This year’s Trigger Happy TV, it was essentially a spoof call show, enlivened by clever use of ‘guerilla’ type graphics and a wide-ranging remit of calls. Shops, restaurants, directory enquiries and private citizens all became victims of the Fonejacker. It was funny enough to prompt a repeat viewing, but we can’t imagine it lasting more than a series.

Good calls?
• There was an over-reliance on a foreign gentlemen who mispronounced acronyms – but the reactions he got from Directory Enquiries when requesting the number of ‘Duhfs’ (aka DFS) and a tv repair shop when discussing his broken ‘Voosra’ (aka VCR) justified this fairly obvious starter.
• Terry Tibbs, a cross between Harold Steptoe and Swiss Tony, was the most well constructed and thought out character. His running rings round a guy who was trying to sell a Maserati was the highlight.
• The thumbless man trying to buy a voice-activated mobile phone from a Carphone Warehouse employee.
• The spoof estate agent which was using a voice-recognition system to enable people to specify the type of property and the area that wished to live in had us wincing in recognition as the deliberately misheard details sent the caller round and round in a spiral of frustration.

Bad calls?
• The Ugandan bank official trying to elicit people’s bank details was a poor replica of the Nigerian 419 email scam that we’ve all been sent. And unsurprisingly, nobody bit.

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