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Friday, 15 December 2006

It Started With Swap Shop, BBC2

Did we like it?
A good idea ruined by an whooping studio audience getting far too excited about Space Dust and Posh Paws' roar and laughing far too readily at Noel Edmonds' attempts at humour.

What was good about it?
• The juxtaposition of a boring boy who collects bookmarks with Adam Ant talking to fans, a boy doing the Rubik's Cube in 37 seconds to Trev and Simon's legendary laundrette sketches (we hated all that Swing Your Pants nonsense, though) to a drunk Captain Sensible
• The nailing of evil Timothy who failed to send in a Snoopy rubber he'd promised to two girls
• Michael Crawford shiowing genuine emotion when he saw the clip of two kids with Down's syndrome dancing to a Phantom of the Opera song.

What was bad about it?
The original show was revolutionary and fun; now we hate Noel Edmonds and look back on his reign as king of Saturday morning TV with distaste.
• Edmonds' silly giggle when he thinks he's saying something funny (he did have one goodish line, introducing cook Smith with "Delia Or No Deila")
• John Craven's false teeth causing his voice to hiss
• Keith Chegwin. Too full of himself (and booze) then; still too full of himself now.
• Dame Edna Everage phoned in – and Noel managed to make the encounter unfunny! Genius.
• That bloody perspex globe with the letters in. One of the more stupid gimmicks.
• Margaret Thatcher
• Chris Moyles
• Andi Peters and Emma Forbes sobbing. Yuck!
• The girl who got to meet Take That has, it seems, spent the intervening years consuming pies, so it didn't do her any favours, did it?

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