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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Old Post,2008

So here it is: the very first thecustardtv podcast showcasing the best and worst on the box! Hosted by Luke of Luke ON TV. Hit the play button and enjoy! We would really appreciate your feedback.

Download here


Kippa said...

It was good considering it was your first tv podcast. It kept your attention and I never felt like disconnecting. I was consice, informative and to the point. I quite liked it. :-)

Mouse said...

When i saw the length (10+ mins) i was already to turn off, but no no no.

It flowed very well and was over all too soon. It was informed and funny, well done Luke. I'll certainly be listening next week.

Anonymous said...

I liked it too. A great addition to the site. A great job.

Mark said...

I liked it - fast paced and packed with info and opinion.

Some constructive criticism:

- Can you somehow provide a way to download the podcast so I can put future editions on my MP3 player? I didn't want to sign up to Podbean so ended up having to listen to it at the PC.

- I said it was fast paced above, which was a plus... but as some points it was a little too quick! I couldn't take in all the recommendations etc at the end!

Overall a really high quality first edition I thought! I'll definitely be listening again - the editing and inclusion of relivant clips was just fantastic. Well done to all involved!

Clumpton said...

Yes, I enjoyed it.
Delivery was just a little too frenetic, but I suppose that's how podcasts are meant to be.

Background music was slightly too loud so some sound bites did not stand out well enough.

I'll be back for more.

jnewman said...

JLK - brilliant, keep going, want to hear more. I'll be back to listen !

deanparkr said...

That was awse!! Loved it!

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