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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Going for Gold, Five

Did we like it?
John Suchet steps into Henry Kelly’s brogues in this LIVE Five revival of the old BBC daytime quiz. And if these early shows are anything to go by, the live format is a very bad move. With Suchet’s performance so wooden we thought a chair had been thrown onto the set, Five’s obvious ploy of crowbarring in as many viewer phone-in quizzes as possible ruined any continuity at all. Plus, they’ve ditched the European contestants – which was half the fun of the original. Things can only improve, surely?

What was good about it?
• It’s still cheesier than a truckle of cheddar in a cheese shop – with that bleedin’ awful theme music returning.
• They’ve sensibly retained all the rounds from the original show – ‘Beat the Buzzer’, ‘Four in a Row’, and ‘Head to Head’ were all present and correct.

What was bad about it?
• John Suchet used to be a newscaster, didn’t he? Reading autocues on live tv? You’d never have thought it from this performance. With a more staccato delivery than a sub-machine gun, Suchet was borderline unintelligible at times.
• Suchet waxing lyrical about how “you can’t sit still” when Abba’s Dancing Queen is playing was one of the more surreal moments of the show.
• The three different viewers quizzes throughout the show – only there to make sure those phone lines were generating money for the show, obviously – completely interrupted the flow of the quiz and seemed to take up almost half the show. So much so, you’d completely forgotten who was winning the damn thing.
• No longer will will be treated to the sight of a Finnish contestant trying to answer questions about EastEnders as they’ve ditched the foreign contestants. Spoilsports.

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