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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Richard & Judy's New Position, Watch

Did we like it?
They're not particularly great but we've always has some affection for Richard and Judy, so we were pleased to see them back in a show that started well but petered out into nonsense.

What was good about it?
• The couple's much-loved trademark interviewing technique is still in place with Judy struggling to put across her questions and Richard asking overlong questions and interrupting to truncate the answers.
• Samuel L Jackson chatting about golf, racism, Snakes on the Plane and comic books. He was a good value guest but seemed to be bored and ignored once David Walliams minced on.
• David Walliams's entrance involving lots of kissing with Richard. "People'll talk!" Walliams shrieked.
• David Walliams chatting about hairy legs in stockings, swimming and Little Britain.
• The tracking down (to Last of the Summer Wine) of David Williams, the actor who forced Walliams to change his name in order to join the Equity union.
• The US-style jazzy theme tune and the TGI Friday-style atmosphere.

What was bad about it?
• Resident comedian Rufus Hound was the weak link in the show, when he was "getting the feeling out here in the bar", hosting the Find the Lady contest or milking his filmed report on stuntman training.
• The gaudy red set. If it were a picture, it would be titled Mishap at the Ketchup Factory.
• Ricky Gervais's unfunny video message to Samuel L Jackson.
• There wasn't enough of worth in the show to give us confidence it would be watchable when the barrel is being scraped and the pair will have to make do with lesser guests than Jackson and Walliams.
• The Watch channel's eyeball logo.

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