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Thursday, 1 January 2009

All New Shooting Stars, BBC2

Did we like it?
We were big fans of the Vic Reeves-Bob Mortimer comedy "quiz" show and, although this revival made us laugh, it didn't make us feel the need to march on the BBC demanding that it is reinstated to the schedules.

What was good about it?
• Their best days are well behind them but Vic and Bob retained lots of the trademark silliness and they made us laugh a few times, kicking off with the impressive paperbag-over-the-head-trick to dispose of Bob.
• Kate Garraway was the only guest who wasn't a pointless waste of space. She responded well to Vic's lecherous, thigh-rubbing approval and Bob's tray-on-head adoption of her name to the Whip Crackaway tune. Even her Jimmy Savile impression was spirited, if unsuccessful.
• Jack Dee was better than Will Self in the misery seat (not as good as Mark Lamarr, though) and responded well in the finale when, with a brown pillowcase up for grabs anda blue tit on his head, he had to go face to face with an opera singer belting out Nessun Dorma.
• The orange US equivalents of Vic and Bob and hilarious Mexican versions of George Dawes and Ulrika Jonsson.
• George Dawes' inventions song: "In 1942, I invented the shoe; in 1943, I invented the tree..."

What was bad about it?
• How trampy did Ulrika look!!!???
• While we were treated to Uvuvo and Iranu, there was no cry of Ulrika-ka-ka and no club singer round.
• Dizzee Rascal, Peter Jones and Christine Walkden ("The One Show's gardening expert" who was especially dumb when it came to Dudley) were lousy guests, way out of their depth.
• A lot of the humour was painful – and some was puerile. This, from Vic to Dizzee, was both: "You had a number one this year. I had one half an hour ago in my potty."
• The Jet 1000 was a pathetic replacement for the legendary Dove from Above.
• It was all a bit strained. Watching Vic and Bob acting like hyperactive children, trying to recapture their heyday, with grey hair and bald patches was a little bit sad.


Anonymous said...

Oi! Don't forget that most of their audience have grey hair and bald patches as well!

You've got a point though. And you're certainly right about not reviving the series. What's with all the revivals anyway? Doesn't anyone in RV have any original ideas any more? Hmmm?

Anonymous said...

Balding, greying and unable to type: I meant 'TV', obviously.

Anonymous said...

dont forget, the dove from above had already been replaced, by donald cox the sweaty fox!!! i actually liked jet1000 entrance song. iv been singing it all week.

Anonymous said...

what about the crow from below? I say bring it back!

Anonymous said...

this is such a scathing report. its unnecessarily harsh. this episode of shooting stars was good! fair enough its not wat it once was, but who actually expected it to be. just enjoy it.

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