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Thursday, 26 February 2009


Did we like it?
This sitcom set in a radio station playing indie music from a Brick Lane HQ isn't brilliant. It's on ITV2 so it doesn't have to be. But it's a lot better than most recent BBC3 comedy output and we'll definitely be watching again.

What was good about it?
• Chris O'Dowd is as good here as the loveable loser as he is in The IT Crowd. His plotline as Lindsay Carol involved pretending to be hip enough to do some superstar DJing with mixes, scratches and all that handwaving stuff ("I'm about taking the vinyl bull by its 12-inch horns and wrestling it into a funky, beat-mixed submission","I'm the Right Honourable Lord Mixalot... it's like a disease... I've got mixamatosis", "I was scratching so much it was like I had disco lice"). His efforts to be cool went as embarrassingly catastrophically wrong as we knew it would, but he still made it funny when his ripped-off prerecorded mix CD broke down and he had to resort to seguing from So Macho into Never Gonna Give You Up.
• Good acting, too, by Kevin Bishop and Nina Sosanya. Bishop plays Dom Cox, a boyband member-turned-Skin FM DJ with a troublesome sex drive ( “I was too drunk to get it up, so I just ­fingered her… with my knob.") He has the chance to make some money by sanctioning the use of 2s Up's biggest hit Spread Your Love in a butter commercial.
Sosanya plays Jane the producer with an unsatisfactory love life ("I'm rock'n'roll and he's pie") who suddenly finds her boyfriend attractive when she discovers his mother is Marianne Faithfull, who makes a non-speaking cameo appearance.
• Writers Ian Curtis and Oliver Lansley seem to be inventive and they can certainly churn out the gags, most of which we found funny.
• Justin Hawkins looked wonderfully glam and the Guillemots bashed out a good tune in their guest appearances.

What was bad about it?
• The stereotypical depiction of black youngsters – not helped by OT Fagbenle's dreadul overacting.

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