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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Ice Cream Girls: Behind the Scenes

International best selling novel The Ice Cream Girls has been adapted for ITV by Left Bank Pictures. Lorraine Burroughs (DCI Banks, Lip Service) and Jodhi May (The Scapegoat, The Jury, Strike Back) play the lead roles of Serena Gorringe and Poppy Carlisle.

The story follows two vulnerable teenage girls who, in the summer of 1995, are accused of murdering their schoolteacher. For seventeen years, the two girls go their separate ways, Poppy having been charged with the murder. Now in 2013, they are forced to confront each other and their dark, shared history. In this behind the scenes video the cast talk about what we can expect from this three-part thriller.

                The Ice Cream Girls starts Friday 19th April at 9.00pm on ITV.

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