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Monday, 7 October 2013

Bad Education returns for Christmas.

The second series of BBC3's hit comedy Bad Education has come to an end. The series drew a huge audience for BBC iplayer and continued to grow in the ratings of the course of the six week run. As a huge fan of series 1 I was a tiny bit concerned whether series 2 would see writers Jack Whitehall and Freddie Syborn struggle to repeat their initial success. Turns out..... I'm a fool. If anything the second series was miles ahead of the first, and miles ahead of any other BBC comedy in recent memory. What Whitehall and Syborn achieved this year gave the spotlight to the younger cast as well as building on already brilliantly formed characters.

Though the second series made be over, BBC3 have announced a Christmas Special for Alfie and his class and there is now also a book to accompany both series. Bad Education: Teachers' Handbook is filled with hilarious content from both the first and upcoming second series from pupils' report cards and the graffiti found in the staff toilets, to Alfie's teaching methods and the best ways to scam a free laptop from the government. If you enjoyed the first two series of the comedy then you're bound to enjoy this cleverly put together book written by Freddie Syborn.

Bad Education: Teachers' Handbook is available now.

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