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Monday, 17 February 2014

Introducing The Custard TV Club

Here at The Custard TV we are always trying to find ways to get you more involved in our site. With this in mind we a pleased to introduce the website's latest feature - The Custard TV club. In this new feature we will pick one TV show to focus on and watch a number of episodes of that programme. We will then record a podcast based on our thoughts on the episodes and the show as a whole.

The first programme we will be looking at is Peep Show. As it's been recently announced that the long-running sitcom is coming to an end, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look at the progression of the show.

The three episodes we'll be watching and talking about are:
Warring Factions: The first ever episode from Series One, broadcast on the 19th September 2003
The Wedding: The sixth and final episode of Series Four, that focuses on the wedding of Mark and Sophie
Quantocking II: The most recent episode that was broadcast on the 24th December 2012 and is the sixth episode of series eight.

All of these episodes are available to watch on 4OD, and we've love you to leave some feedback either on the specific episodes or what you like or dislike about Peep Show. You can leave feedback by commenting below or by leaving a comment on our Facebook group - www.facebook.com/thecustardtv

We really hope to hear some of your thoughts on the show and also let us know if there's a TV show you'd like us to review for a future instalment of The Custard TV Club.

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