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Saturday, 12 October 2013

X-Factor - Flash Voting: Flash of Genius or Flash in the Pan?

We've had double auditions, we've had the six-seat challenge and now X-Factor 2013 is offering up a third twist with flash voting. The gist of this new venture will see the phone lines opening for under ten minutes on Saturday's show with the act receiving the lowest number of votes in this poll being instantly put into the bottom two. Sunday's results show will work as normal with one of the remaining acts joining the flash vote losers in the bottom two. As is always the case with these new twists, I believe there are some positive and negative aspects to the 'flash voting' system.

Possibly the biggest positive is that there won't be any cases of people constantly voting for the same person over and over again. This happened last year with Christopher Maloney, who was ahead in the votes most weeks, as a lot of his fanbase seemingly had the money to vote for him more than once. The fact that the phone lines only open at the end of the show is a little fairer as the audience can accurately judge who gave the best and worst performances. At the same time I can see there being a big issue with people not being able to vote for their favourite performers as the lines will be jammed. Therefore somebody who can't get through to vote for Rough Copy (above), may give Kingsland Road their vote instead. Similarly, while rival show Strictly Come Dancing is offering free online voting, The X-Factor is still asking its viewers to pay a premium price to save their favourite acts.

However, the biggest problem I can foresee is when the sing-off has finished. Last year, the first three eliminations happened after one of the judges sent the votes to deadlock. However, with two different phone votes, I'm not exactly sure how they'll work out who to send home especially considering one act won't be eligible for Sunday's vote. Obviously, whatever The X-Factor do it will be criticised in some way and I feel that 'Flash Voting' is a good way to stop certain people voting for their favourite singer on a constant basis. Even though I'm always ready for something new, I can just see 'Flash Voting' being a system that ultimately fails and I wouldn't be surprised if Dermot will already be apologising by the end of Sunday's results show.

What do you think to the new flash voting gimmick? Is it a good idea?

Let us know and leave a comment below.

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