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Thursday, 26 May 2016

BBC confirm a second series of The-A Word

The BBC have announced a second series of family drama The A Word which focused on a family dealing with a autism diagnosis.

The A Word, written by BAFTA-winning Peter Bowker, is the story of the Hughes family and has Joe, a boy with autism, at its heart.

Writer Peter Bowker said: "I am delighted that the show has resonated with a wide audience and am thrilled to have the opportunity to take the family and Joe further along their journey. Also delighted to be rifling through my musical history and calling it work.

If the first series was about diagnosis and denial then the second series is about the journey that is undertaken when you ‘go public’ about the fact that your child is different.  This series is both about being the family with a child that is different in a small community as well as being a part of the wider ‘autism community’ and all that this entails.”

Read our original chat with Peter Bowker 

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