2004: The Stupid Version, BBC3

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1 The “disappointing” talking heads – including Stewart Lee, Richard Ayoade and Adam Buxton – who delivered a superb pastiche of the banality of tripe that’s churned out by celebrity non-entities on similar shows.

2 1 An iPod-crazy world, in which grocers sell slices of iPod and headphones in cranberry jelly and the buttons at traffic lights offer a selection of tunes while you wait to cross the road

3 The Republican Party propaganda ads that included testimony from former colleagues of John Kerry. (“He started Aids”, “He sold his gun to Lee Harvey Oswald”)

4 Crisis Command that deals potential catastrophes in the world of entertainment. (“Vanessa Feltz has broken free of her moorings and is drifting towards a chemical factory” and Aide: “Richard Curtis is writing a new film.” Minister: “Get everyone out of London!”)

5 The faked Mastermind in which a contestant whose specialist subject was Thunderbirds And Lady Penelope’s Cockney Chauffeur sat in horror as he couldn’t come up with the answer to, Who was Lady Penelope’s Cockney Chauffeur?

6 The splicing together of party conference speeches by Blair and Brown to make it seem as though they constantly contradict one another. (Blair: “Double” Brown: “Halving”/ Brown: “Poverty” Blair: “Wealth”)

7 Saddam Hussein being humiliated by the US through an appearance on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

8 The Diana Memorial Fountain having a field of landmines.

9 George Bush singing New York, New York

10 The montage of Republicans scaring stupid Americans by constantly repeating “September 11”, “weapons of mass destruction” “Saddam” and “terrorist” (only Rudolph Giuliano could actually say “terrorist”, everyone else slurred it into “terrist”)

12 Natasha Kaplinksy on Strictly Come Dancing overdubbed with the sounds of an elephant mating ritual

13 Lord Hutton delivering his report, overdubbed with a Ronnie Corbett anecdote

14 The intro sequence of 24, interspersed with headlines from BBC local news shows (“A Christmas tree has gone up in Taunton.”)

15 Contestants from Weakest Link, In It To Win It and Passport To Paradise badmouthing the hosts. “After the show, she used me as a taxi to carry her round the ground room,” complained a woman about Anne Robinson.

16 “Celebs” (including David Van Day, Paul Daniels’ son and the obligatory Page 3 girl) being fooled into taking part in a reality show which wasn’t even filmed

17 The LLB-ish interior designer being shot dead after criticising a lampshade

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