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Thursday, 24 June 2004

The Graham Norton Effect, BBC3

What to say of you liked it
The much-loved camp comic brings cheer to America

What to say if you disliked it
Seen it all before, honey

What was good about it?
• The shocking jokes eg New York is so hot it's like being in a sauna except there's no 86-year-old man masturbating in front of you
• The even more shocking jokes eg People have accused Mel Gibson of being an anti-Semite and a homophobe but I don't think he is because I fucked him and afterwards we watched Yentl.
• The hunks who escorted Sandra Bernhardt on had lovely pecs
• The pussy snorkel that glows in the dark
• The man with the teeth cleaning fetish
• The Little Britain sketches that replaced the ad breaks
• The Match The Couple game that ended with the bisexual threesome bombshell

What was bad about it?
• Sarah "chlorine douche" Bernhardt
• Marlon Wayans
• Graham still can't disguise it when he's reading the autocue
• The shock confessions were too tame (cat biting penis, farting on a plane, being caught having sex)
• The hunks who escorted Sandra Bernhardt on had horrible hair
• The manties (panties for men)
• The stunt involving a lifelike sex doll placed in a Manhattan bar rigged with speakers and a mic

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