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Saturday, 17 July 2004

Simply The Best, ITV1

What to say if you liked it:
It's the natural successor to It's A Knockout, with the added bonus of enabling us to see some of our favourite celebrities (eg Brookside's Alexander Fletcher) having fun in the Jersey sunshine

What to say if you disliked it:
Simply The Best???!!! Simply The Worst more like.

What was good about it?
• The fact that they resisted using that terrible Tina Turner tune as the theme
• The sports commentator parody in the sponsor's messages
• Kevin Simm was shirtless
• Katie Melua was lovely
• The Cherry On The Cake Game which was well up to Jeux Sans Frontieres standard and featured thieving Scousers nicking the lovely Sian Lloyd's cherries

What was bad about it?
• Phil Tufnell's presentation – he acts as if he's trying to flog dodgy Teasmades down Romford Market. Joins our list of Sports Stars Who've Become Rubbish TV Presenters including Sharron Davies, Ian Wright and John Fashanu
• Kirsty Gallagher's presentation – she may look lovely but she's got the charisma of an air stewardess telling passengers how to adopt the brace position for the fifth time that day
• The producers didn't pick Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp instead.
• The "mind-blowing and bonkers games" (eg Airkick, Aquaplane, Champion’s Wall, Kirsty’s 60 Second Screamer and Phil’s Beat the Balloon.)
• Tim Vincent (last seen in a Tory party political broadcast) was shirtless
• The pathetic hardman act by Durks (aka pedantic Premiership ref Paul Durkin)
• The commentary by Howard Hughes (Stuart Hall he aint)
• The overuse of superlatives (eg "truly amazing games", "truly awesome Lionel Richie")

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