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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

MeeBox, BBC3

Did we like it?
Considering The Adam and Joe Show is one of the TV shows we miss most, we were bound to like a Joe-less Adam Buxton's return to TV. And we did. With a few reservations.

What was good about it?
• The funniest item featured a fervent choir singing nonsense as if their lives depended on it. Their rousing hymn featured lines such as "There's a naked czar in my mouth" and "I need my branch to hold my teacup."
• 10,000 Things That Are Sooo Crap, a spoof of talking heads-laden list shows was a great idea – under fire came fish ("They swim, that's about it") and buildings ("what's the point of stairs?") – although it dragged on a little.
• The arrogant US actor called Famous Guy, who had starred in films such as Horse Chase and Furious Andrew, being subjected to an earnest T4-like interview (soft questions aplenty) as he plugged his his new movie They Crashed From Space There ("I pretend to be the Cockney captain").
• The return of Adam and Joe Show legend Badaad (Adam's real dad) pontificating on punk rock. The likes of Emerson, Lake and Palmer "said nothing about one's life," he insisted, claiming punk was "a clarion call to all the working classes."
• The return of Adam and Joe Show legend Ken Korda in his vodcast Talking Independent Film, joined by the star of Shooter Close. "It's very long and depressing," was Ken's enthusiastic verdict. "I really hope somebody sees the film."
• The Software Tutorial testing out a program that delivers hit movies (Shooting Geff in this instance).
• Footage of Trooping The Colour doctored to feature space aliens and soldiers wearing brain-sucking busbies. Totally surreal.
• The Carmen Miranda-like sausage song.
• The captivating title sequence.
• The bonkers sign language.

What was bad about it?
• The ragbag approach didn't serve MeeBox well, with some ideas repeated throughout; and others appearing in one-offs in a TV evocation of YouTube culture.
• The scheduling. Was BBC3 embarrassed by this commission? If so, how could it then shove Snog, Marry, Avoid into primetime when it is one of the worst programmes ever to make the TV screen?

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