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Saturday, 28 June 2008

What we watched

How TV Changed Britain, Channel 4
This series has specialised in spouting nonsense and claiming it is fact, but the focus on property programmes was shoddier and lazier than before. We hated the spurious narration by Stephen Mangan ("Location, Location, Location is the Debbie Does Dallas of property porn”) but quite enjoyed the clips ranging from Barry Bucknell struggling to remove a tile to Sarah Beeny being ignored by wannabe property developers, with Changing Rooms horror shows in between. Highlight: bitchy remarks about Ann Maurice by Colin and Justin: "She's de-cluttered her own face recently."

MeeBox, BBC3
...which we've reviewed here

Justin Lee Collins: 180, Sky One
...which we've reviewed here

Snog, Marry, Avoid?, BBC3
...which we've reviewed here

The Supersizers Go Regency, BBC2
We're so glad it was Giles Coren and Sue Perkins who were eating jelly made from boiled pigs trotters and other horror foodstuffs, and not us. It's been a great series and, good news, folks, there will be another.

Summer Heights High, BBC3

We're still loving this Australian comedy. Tragedy struck this week when a student died from an E overdose, inspiring the creative juices of camp, chirpy drama teacher Mr G (creator of Tsunamarama: The Musical). Best quote: "She was into the boys in a big way. She was what the kids would call a 'slut'. Which is a terrible thing to say about someone who has just died, but apparently there's no denying she was one". Meanwhile, Ja'mie dates a bashful kid three years her junior and Jonah has cum stains on his trackie bottoms. Fantastic stuff.

On the Ball: The Story of Sports Commentary, BBC1
A snappy wrap of commentating highlights and lowlights, linked by Adrian Chiles, stretching from the posh black and white days to shouty digital action, from the plummy (Raymond Brooks-Ward) to the plebby (Eddie Waring) . The cruelly dumped football commentator Barry Davies, looking like a smiling sun-dried tomato, was best at articulating the skills needed; Murray Walker was not very charming at all (he was described by Davies as "a man who's spent his whole life looking for a full stop and he's yet to find one"); Clare Balding contributed well (and we loved the clip of her in tears after some horse race as she tried to interview her bother and father); and the much-diminished John Motson seemed to be making a plea to carry on commentating for ever. Lowlights: dull contributions by Kelly Holmes and Alistair McGowan.

Gok’s Fashion Fix, Channel 4

Ghastly goings-on with Gok "please love me, please, please, please" Wan and the insipid Alexa Chung (rhymes with dung). Geri Halliwell guested (“Girlfriend! Give me a Gok high five!”) along with her hotpants.

8 Out of 10 Cats, Channel 4
Although we loved Vanessa Feltz explaining how to be shagged quietly, the highlight was Frankie Boyle's Big Brother observation: "I thought the blind guy would be more entertaining. I wanted him to take a shit in the diary room and spend two hours looking for the flush."

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