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Friday, 5 December 2008

Beehive, E4

Did we like it?
A Smack the Pony for the late noughties, this is a new sketch-comedy series with an all-female main cast – Alice Lowe, Clare Thomson, Sarah Kendall and Barunka O’Shaughnessy. A mix of a little bit of originality and some shameless (but superbly done) copying of other comedy shows, this had a high enough laughs to gags ratio to make sure we’ll stick with it. Hopefully there’ll be more original ideas as it progresses.

What was good about it?
• The Sex in the City spoof. Shooting fish in a barrel it may be, but fantastically well observed take offs of the New York slappers had us laughing out loud. Especially as the penis-obsessed Samantha.
• The Russells Brand sketches – all four of the girls done up as a sort of gestalt entity of everyone’s favourite/most annoying(delete as applicable) Victorian ragamuffin – spouting overly verbose one-liners.
• The South African air hostesses – blatant rip-offs of the Fast Show’s “No offence” perfume girl – but far more cutting, and a lot funnier.
• Sarah and Alice, sat in the kitchen, discussing their favourite movie moments. Sarah then proceeds to re-enact the scene from Aliens when Bishop the android does a high-speed knife trick between his splayed fingers. Sure enough, Sarah ends up chopping off all her fingers. As she clutches her hand in agony, Alice remarks, “I don’t remember this bit…!”
• The final sketch, with the girls as members of an orchestra, enticing octagenarian audience members back to their dressing room for sex n’drugs, was a nice twist on the usual rock n’roll groupies scenario.

What was bad about it?
• The BeeTVee Youtube spoofs – tedious and unfunny.


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