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Monday, 23 March 2009

Brave Young Men, BBC3

Did we like it?
We'd be happy if this sitcom pilot was commissioned for a series. We couldn't see the similarities to Quantum Leap (it was described as a 21-century of the time-travelling drama) but we could see a likeness to Peep Show.

What was good about it?
• Sam Leifer and Tom Basden's script didn't go all out for laughs, but made sure there was integrity to the far-fetched set-up in which scooter-riding school caretaker Owen (Marc Wootton) was recruited by old tramp Melvin (Patrick Barlow) to become 'Caretaker of the World... Brighton and Hove Division, preventing disasters albeit very tiny disasters. His cocky mate Jamie (Tom Basden) was corerced into becoming his partner ("NOT sidekick").
• The Owen-Jamie chemistry worked well – similar to the Mark-Jeremy pairing of two losers (however much Jamie likes to think he's something special, he's just a man who dresses as animals to promote crab sticks or pork scratchings).
• The pair's mission – confiscating the homebrewed beer of one-eyed science teacher Iain "Sleazely" Beasley – to avoid it becoming contaminated in 2013. Were they being conned into providing Melvin and his mates with free beer? Or were they really doing something vital to mankind? We'll never know.
• The Dainty Damsels, fronted by timid teacher Miss Violet, performing the Turtles' Happy Together.
• There were some well-written jokes. Examples:
"My friend lost her mobile phone" "Oh poor thing...How well is she is she dealing with it ?" "I cant get through to her"
"If you really are from the future, tell me who won the FA Cup in 2062" "Facebook FC. Chelsea got renamed."
"I see they still use Clip Art in the future."
"My uncle did something with Dido... laying the patio."

What was bad about it?
• The meagre level of laugh-out-loud moments may have hampered its chances of becoming a series.


Andrew said...

I didn't absolutely love it, but as you say there were some good laughs and it would be one of the few things that I'd watch on BBC Three. Unfortunately, according to someone over at the British Sitcom Guide forums who talked to 'Alison over at Babycow' (Baby Cow Productions is the production company), it won't be getting a series.

I was disappointed that the BBC gave it zero promotion (I noticed that they didn't include it in the press release for the day and only one broadsheet reviewer seems to have reviewed it but I'm guessing it was because they'd already decided not to order a series and so they were essentially just "burning it off".

(Btw to be fair to the BBC they did list it in a "What's On" post on their Comedy Blog but given that that only started a few weeks ago, I'm guessing very few people read it.)

Mike said...

I agree with Andrew's first comments. With a little bit of work and some extra writing talent it could be refashioned into a must-see program. I didn't love Red Dwarf or Blackadder in even their first series but they did the distance.

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