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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Grouchy Young Men, Comedy Central

Did we like it?
At first we thought this was a cheeky rip-off of BBC2’s Grumpy Old Men until Robert Webb's voiceover confirmed it was from the same makers. It has been made exclusively for the newly rebranded Comedy Central Channel (formerly known as Paramount Comedy) and maintainis the same format as Grumpy Old Men/Women as well as other talking heads shows; comedians and presenters such as Russell Kane, Jim Jeffries and Matt Willis rant and rave about subjects such as ringtones, dog muckt, girlfriends, pensioners etc

What was good about it?
• Upon the introduction of each contributor we were quite amused by the subtle and brief summary of their character next to their names. Here are just a few of our favourites...
Matt Willis: Presenter, musician and self confessed metrosexual.
Dan Snow: Presenter, historian and all round good egg. True- he is so perfect that it makes you want to be sick. Not that we wouldn’t kill to be him for a day... sniff!
And our personal favourite... Jack P. Shepherd: Tetchy tearaway actor.
• Shepherd has became pretty much an icon as terrorist and mummy bully David Platt, but he’s wasted on Corrie. He is a naturally funny and likeable bloke. It would be nice to see him on a lot more of these types of shows.
• Another Jack P Shepherd bit (we’ve obviously got a mancrush). We found some sort of sadistic pleasure seeing him sip his drink, laugh at the same time and then choke. Sorry Jack, but it seems to happen to us so much that it was nice to be on the other side of the fence for a change.
• Robert Webb providing a voiceover is always a comedic delight.
• Most of he men featured on this programme made intelligent, witty observations, but rising star Russell Kane was the only contributor to cause us to laugh out loud.

What was bad about it?
• It was rather odd not seeing or hearing a woman for a whole hour – except in those dully lit illustrative clips.
• Speaking of those dully lit illustrative clips, we felt the contributors’ anecdotes and observations were descriptive and lively enough without them.
– Liam Smedley

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