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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

That Mitchell and Webb Look, BBC2

Did we like it?
We’ve always been big fans of Mitchell and Webb whether it be in Peep Show, David popping up on panel shows or Robert skiving in The Smoking Room, but for some reason their sketch show has never really hit the mark. However, this first episode of series three had a higher hit rate than the less memorable second series.

What was good about it?
• Unlike recent sketch shows such as Little Britain or The Catherine Tate Show, Mitchell and Webb don’t repeat their material. In every series, most of the sketches are brand new and don’t rely on the same old punchline or catchphrases to make us laugh.
• The brain surgery and rocket science dinner party. Easily the funniest of the night.
• The Mitchell and Webb action figures raised a smile with David coming with quickfire panel show mode while the Webb action figure comes with a spare T-Shirt.
• While the sketch set in Victorian times was funny, perhaps the most surprising thing about it was that Robert Webb makes a convincing Queen Victoria. We look forward to seeing him in the role when the BBC announces its next big period drama.
• There have been so many poor sketch shows lately and we expect these things to be hit and miss but this was far better than recent offerings from Horne and Corden, for example

What was bad about it?
• Perhaps we should get over it but we miss Numberwang!
• The sketches featuring parodies of Poroit, The Apprentice and Spooks didn’t feel relevant as it seemed we’d seen them all before.
• The sombre sketch featuring Santa’s festival scheming brother is likely to run across the series but it just wasn’t funny.
• The absence of Olivia Coleman

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