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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The TV Week NOV 7TH - Friday NOV 13TH

9.15pm Festival of Remembrance BBC1
10.35pm JLS Revealed ITV2 - Documentary following 2008 X Factor runners-up JLS on their rollercoaster ride from TV fame to success as a group in their own right.
9.00pm The Children Who Fought Hitler BBC4 - Documentary telling the story of a heroic battle fought by the children of the British Memorial School to help liberate Europe from the Nazis. The school served a community of ex-First World War soldiers and their families living in Ypres in Belgium who lovingly tended the war graves.
10.35pm Alexander Armstrong's Very British Holiday BBC1 - Alexander Armstrong explores the state of the great British holiday. It is widely acknowledged that 2009 is a bumper year for the UK tourist industry, with many consumers tightening their belts and forgoing foreign holidays.
8.00pm Not Forgotten Channel 4 - Journalist and broadcaster Ian Hislop explores the compelling and poignant stories of soldiers from across the British Empire during the First World War. Ian provides a reminder that 2.5 million soldiers from Asia and Africa; from the Dominions of Canada, Australia and New Zealand; from Ireland and from the West Indies fought alongside the British "Tommy", and of these, a quarter of a million lost their lives for King and Empire.
8.30pm Miranda BBC2 - Sitcom starring Not Going Out's Miranda Hart in a semi autobiographical title role. Also starring Sally Phillips, Tom Ellis & Praticia Hodge.
9.00pm Collision ITV1 - Five-part drama focusing on a pileup on the A12. As the crash investigation team try and peice the crash together what they discover about those involved lead to surprising revelations. Starring Douglas Hodge and Kate Ashfield as the investigating officers. Real life brothers Dean Lennox Kelly and Craig Kelly teaming up to play brothers whose suspicious activities tear their family apart. Paul McGann as Millionaire whose involvment in the crash leads to love and Phil Davies as a man who takes one final trip with his mother-in law.
Airs all week.
9.00pm The Execution of Gary Glitter Channel 4 - Fictonal drama set in an imaginary Britain in which the death penalty has been re-introduced, this feature-length drama confronts viewers with the possible consequences of capital punishment in the UK. No crime arouses more passion than the abuse of children, and in this parallel world, the public, sickened by a spate of serious child abuse cases, has demanded the return of the ultimate sanction. The first person to be tried under the new Capital Crimes Against Children legislation is Paul Gadd, aka 1970s glam rock star Gary Glitter.
8.00pm John Sergeant on the Tourist Trail ITV1 - John Sergeant takes a journey around Britain and meets tourists of all nationalities. In this episode John joins some Californian gardening enthusiasts at RHS Wisley in Surrey. Then he is off to the Isle of Man to meet 10,000 Germans there for the annual TT race, followed by monster-hunting on Loch Ness, visiting the Lake District with some Japanese Beatrix Potter fans, and enjoying the Welsh Eisteddfod with a group of visitors from Java.
8.00pm Mad About the House BBC3 - Couples who can't afford to transform their house into a dream living space are given the cash to do so with the proviso that one half must make every design, decorating and DIY decision by themselves.
9.30pm Ross Kemp Remembers Pirates Sky1 - Ross Kemp and the BAFTA-winning documentary team conclude their investigation into modern day piracy in South East Asia.
10.35pm When A Mother's Love is Not Enough BBC1 - Rosa Monckton, businesswoman, charity worker and confidante of the late Princess Diana, explores the realities families face when caring for a disabled child. After the recent shocking high profile cases in which mothers have killed their disabled children.
8.00pm An Audience with Donny & Marie ITV1
8.00pm Country House Rescue Channel 4 - Ruth Watson revisits Mary-Anne and Alastair Robb, owners of Cothay, a medieval manor house in Somerset. Built in 1485, Cothay Manor is a superb example of medieval architecture. Fifteen years ago Alastair and Mary-Anne Robb bought and restored Cothay Manor.
10.45pm Bought Up By Booze: A Children in Need Special BBC1 - Callum Best explores what hope there is for the 1.3 million children in the UK currently being 'brought up by booze'.
8.00pm River Cottage Channel 4 - With Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
9.00pm Cutting Edge: Octomom Me & My 14 Kids Channel 4 - Documentary about "Octomom" Nadya Suleman who became the focus of the world's media when she gave birth to eight children in January 2009. She already has six Children and his now an unemployed parent, with 14 demanding children under the age of nine, who faces the constant presence of dedicated paparazzi.
8.00pm Axe Men Five - Cameras follow the work of North American loggers as they risk their lives to cut timber whilst battling mechanical failures, unpredictable terrain and falling trees.

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