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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The strange and wonderful world of Glee

It’s hard to believe that Mr. Schuster and his band of Gleeks have only been in our lives since January. Cynicism aside of all singing and dancing American phenomenons; it can’t be denied that Glee is a show that gets better and better each episode. Stylistically it’s sublime; the characters are hilarious parodies, while still remaining loveable and rounded.
Teenage pregnancy, affairs, and discrimination-this is ‘High School Musical’ for grown-ups. Not to mention it has given both classic and contemporary pop hits a breath of fresh air, as well as clogging up the I-tunes chart and a whole host of song writers begging to have their tracks used, in the hope of counting the PRS cheques.
If you’re not already hooked, it’s about naive Spanish teacher and former show choir member Will Schuster, who fondly remembers the days when his ‘Glee Club’ were school celebrities. So upon arrival at William McKinley High School, he is shocked to see that they’re now a bunch of rejects, cowering behind their lockers for fear of a slushy in the face.
Will takes it upon himself to coach the Glee club, naming them ‘New Directions’ and help them win the national show choir competition- with help from colleague, love interest and OCD sufferer Emma. ‘Glee Club’ face a number of problems from budget issues to peer pressure-mostly from members of staff, including Gym coach Sue Sylvester! Sue wants to eradicate Glee Club to claim the funds for her department and beloved ‘Cheerio’ cheerleaders.
All the while characters burst into song to the tunes of appropriately themed pop songs in relation to the episode’s narrative. It’s all very imaginatively far-fetched we know-but suspend your disbelief and just go along with it!
It seems like ‘New Directions’ have been rehearsing forever as Mr. Schu’s regular proud face became more tearful each week; but now the much talked about ‘sectionals’ heat is finally here! And it didn’t disappoint.
Particular highlights of ‘Sectionals’ included the gut wrenching moment that poster boy Finn discovered that his best friend has impregnated his cheerleader girlfriend Quinn (who was ironically head of the celibacy club, but naturally...isn’t anymore).
Laugh out loud moments came from Artie ramming his wheelchair and forehead into a filing cabinet along with the realisation that Sue had leaked the club’s set list. To be fair the deaf school mumbling their way through ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ was a bit of a giveaway.
This all lead to the jaw dropping performance of ‘Don’t rain on my parade’ by plucky and fame hungry nerd Rachel Berry.
Now of course a mid-season finale has to give us something to cling onto. So in three weeks time we’ll discover if Will’s heroic stride and passionate kiss with Emma to the sounds of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ was genuine or just a day dream smack down.

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Liam Smedley.

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