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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The TV WEEK - Saturday 1st May - Friday 7th May

9.40pm I'm in a Rock N Roll Band BBC2 - Six-part series investigating what makes the perfect rock 'n' roll band. The exploration begins with the head, heart and voice of the group - the singer. Grabbing the glory and dodging the bottles, what drives these attention seekers, narcissists and hopefully benign dictators to shimmy to the front and lead the gang?
7.30pm Scream if You Know the Answer Watch - Duncan James hosts the brand new game show, exclusive to Watch, in which Ben Shepherd and Kyran Bracken answer questions while on the scariest rides of Thorpe Park!
8.30pm Lewis ITV - Return of the Oxford based crime drama.
9.00pm Modern Masters BBC1 - Art critic Alastair Sooke presents the first in a four part series exploring the life and works of the 20th century's most important artists. He begins with Andy Warhol, the king of Pop Art. On his journey he parties with Dennis Hopper, has a brush with Carla Bruni, and gets to grips with Marilyn. Along the way he uncovers just how brilliantly Andy Warhol pinpointed and portrayed our obsessions with consumerism, celebrity and the media and then went on to re-invent them.
10.00pm The Volcano That Stopped Britain Channel 4 - Following the unprecedented disruption caused by the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano, The Volcano That Stopped Britain explores the untold geological and scientific background behind the headlines of this extraordinary story.
8.00pm She's Amazing Sky1 - Angela Griffin shines a spotlight on those taking part in the London leg of Cancer Research UK's Race for Life. Find out their motivations, and enjoy the post-event celebrations.
8.00pm Dispatches: Election Uncovered Channel 4 - Journalist Ben Laurance analyses each party's campaign and gets a real taste of what's happening behind the scenes in the run-up to polling day. The programme looks at the debates, how the leaders have been styled and their performances fine-tuned and honed as they compete to get their policies across to the British public.
9.00pm Dive, Dive, Dive BBC4 - Robert Llewellyn discovers why submarine movies have gripped us for over a century. He travels along the River Medway to find a beached cold war Russian nuclear sub and then on to the abandoned WW2 German U-boat pens on the French coast, recalling many of the real events that inspired these films
8.00pm Theo's Adventure Capitalists BBC2 - Dragon's Den star Theo Paphitis follows the fortunes of brave and bold British companies trying to expand in three of the world's most dynamic emerging markets - India, Brazil and Vietnam. While Britain is still stuck in a recession, these economies are booming.
8.30pm The Boats that Built Britain BBC4 - Sailor and writer Tom Cunliffe takes a voyage through the history of British seafaring. No ship has ever made a more important discovery than the Matthew. In 1497, explorer John Cabot left Bristol on this little boat and 3,000 miles later landed in what we now know is North America.
9.00pm Luther BBC1 - Crime drama series. Luther, back from suspension, must solve a seemingly perfect double murder and work out how, and by whom, it was committed. Starring The Wire's Idris Elba and Paul McGann.
10.45pm Children's Emergency BBC1 - An 8-part series following the life-saving work of the medics of the largest mobile children's critical care service in the UK. The Children's Acute Transport Service, CATS, have highly specialised emergency teams who make sure that any seriously ill child who needs intensive care gets it, where ever they are.
8.00pm Midsomer Murders ITV - Two couples vanish without trace from the village of Monks Barton, amid rumours of witchcraft and haunted woods.
8.00pm First Time Voters' Question Time BBC3 - Dermot O'Leary chairs a special BBC Three debate to be transmitted on the eve of the General Election. Politicians from the main political parties face questions from O'Leary and an audience of first-time voters, together with some well-known celebrities.
9.00pm Strike Back Sky1 - Richard Armatige and Andrew Lincoln in a brand new action packed drama from Chris Ryan. Episode 2 airs at 10pm
10.00pm Timothy Spall Somewhere at Sea BBC4 -Actor Timothy Spall and his wife Shane sail around Britain. They set off in their Dutch barge, the Princess Matilda, from Fowey in Cornwall, heading towards Land's End and then on to south Wales. Timothy is an unqualified and nervous mariner, but Shane has confidence in his seafaring abilities. They encounter a battleship on what could be a firing range, before getting holed up in the Helford river due to bad weather, which gives them an excuse to meet the locals and witness a lively festival.
8.00pm Britain's Greatest Machines Five - Chris Barrie explores the pivotal moments in Britain's recent engineering past, revealing the key decades and discoveries that forged a nation.
9.00pm History Cold Case BBC2 - Professor Sue Black OBE and her team at the Centre for Human Anatomy and Identification at the University of Dundee use modern forensic science techniques to shed light on the lives of our forebears, literally revealing the person behind the skeleton.
9.00pm Channel 4's Alternative Election Night Chanel 4 - Channel 4's witty and irreverent alternative to the traditional election night reporting, hosted by David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr and Lauren Laverne with contributions from Charlie Brooker, promises to be a provocative, cerebral and entertaining take on all things election. Broadcast live, in front of an audience of comedy enthusiasts of mixed political persuasion, the show reports all the up-to-the-minute election results alongside satire and sass, and minus the staid political swing-o-meters.
9.00pm Autism, Disco & Me BBC3 - Andy and Sheila Hobley have three children - 16-year-old Alex and 10-year-old twins George and James. But they are not a typical family - all three boys have autism. Alex is into emo music, George likes playing computer games and James is a champion disco dancer. This film reveals how dancing has transformed James's life and follows him on his incredible journey.
9.00pm How to Live a Simple Life BBC2 - Inspired by his experiences in 'Around the World in 80 Faiths', part-time vicar Peter Owen Jones returns to credit-crunch Britain and to the realisation that modern life has become a frenzy of spending and working. He yearns for a life of simplicity and meaning - a deeper connection to both nature and people. Filmed over the course of nearly a year in his beautiful Sussex parishes, the first in a three-part series follows Peter as he tries to turn his back on consumerism.

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