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Friday, 11 June 2010

Luther: Ignore my inital review.. what a great series!

Sometimes, though not overly often I’ll admit I was wrong about a series. The series that I’m wrong about started off clichéd and somewhat uninteresting but staying with it proved to be a right decision I’m not sure anyone who saw the rather lackluster opening episode could’ve predicted the truly gripping roller coaster that BBC1’s thriller Luther eventually developed into. So here it is then. I Luke of the mighty Custard fame admit here and now in a written statement that can be read to village elders or maybe the Grandkids when you need a story to tell them. Luke of the mighty Custard fame admit that when it comes to BBC1’s Luther I got it so wrong I’m surprised I’m able to dress myself without assistance. What began as a clichéd police drama about a maverick cop, with marital issues, a temper that would make the Incredible Hulk look like the jolly green Giant and a sixth sense that Bruce Willis could do with turned into one of the most surprising, shocking and quite possibly one the best dramas of the year.

People often question why I have such admiration for British TV and British drama in particular well I think Luther can speak for me, get the DVD next week (in all good retailers) and I feel sure you’ll be on the edge of the seat for six action packed hours. After the first episode which left me a little clueless about how the series would develop Luther didn’t seem put a foot wrong. Normally you know what expect to a crime drama and with most being slightly gruesome, and people acting suspiciously from the word go most are well done and enjoyable but Luther really draws you in the series isn’t so much as a whodunnit its more of a why dunnit and are they actually stop whodunnit before the person whodunnit does it… if you can follow all that poor grammar.

I suppose my main apology has to go to anyone who didn’t bother with the series after reading my initial scathing review and if that were you I’ve done you a real disservice in fact if you are one of those people just leave whatever you’re doing and get the DVD!
The conclusion of the series (which I shan’t spoil here) was incredible. I could use a lot of words to describe it but incredible sums it up really. So there you go an admission that sometimes even a TV obsessive like me is guilty of judging a series from the first episode but I’m just glad I stuck Luther as it was truly one of the best and most exciting examples of great British/BBC drama of the year.

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