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Monday, 19 July 2010

The Silence BBC1

BBC1 have taken lately to airing its new drama over consecutive nights. In the case of last year’s Criminal Justice and war epic Occupation it was format that worked well as those two built well and left you desperate for the next episode but it doesn’t always work like with the recent second series of Five Days which was shown all week back in April and although it showed initial promise it ended confusingly and I regretted wasting an entire week of TV viewing when the time could’ve been better spent running through fields of buttercups or hanging with the Homies.

So after either deciding to give another new BBC1 drama a chance or maybe not learning my lesson I settled down and cleared my diary for new four-parter The Silence. Like Occupation and Criminal Justice before it I was pleased I did.

The story centered around 18 year old deaf girl Amelia who whilst walking her relatives dog witnesses the brutal murder of a young policewoman. Only thing is her Uncle (who is she staying with) happens to be a Detective Inspector himself and would you Adam and Eve it the case he’s working on may be linked to the new murder! Well I never!

The plot may have been a little far fetched at times and sometimes hard to believe but it was quickly forgiven as the cast were fantastic with special mention to newcomer Genevieve Barr who was utterly compelling in every scene. What was so great about The Silence was although Barr’s character was deaf instead of perhaps tip toeing around the subject like other TV might do this showed the reality of Amelia’s situation and skillfully drew the viewer into her world.

Unlike Five Days I was genuinely looking forward to the next installment and with so many different aspects to the plot like Amelia’s parents (portrayed brilliantly by Gina Mckee and Hugh Bonneville) dilemma on how to let their daughter loose in the hearing world. To the corrupt policemen who drove the story terrorizing the main characters. It was a fast paced well written and superbly acted piece of TV in a summer that has lacked any good gritty drama. It fed my appetite sufficiently and even though I’d’ve liked more of an absolute conclusion at the end its hard to fault it and I hope to see more of the wonderful Genevieve Barr on my talking box.

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