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Saturday, 3 July 2010

The TV WEEK - Saturday 10th July - Friday 16th 2010

6.30pm 101 ways to leave a Gameshow BBC1 - Eight contestants put their nerve, general knowledge and dignity to the test in Steve Jones' explosive Saturday night gameshow. There's a 10,000 pound prize for the winner, and every round sees one contestant leave the show by some of the most nerve-wracking, hair-raising, adrenaline-pumping means ever seen on TV.
10.00pm Misfits Channel 4 - After its BAFTA award-winning run on E4, the urban teenage drama comes to C4. When five young outsiders on community service get caught in a strange storm they quickly discover that they have developed superpowers. This comedy series shows the youngsters as they come to terms with their new powers.
6.30pm The World Cup Final BBC1/ITV1 - The final will be shown on both BBC1 and ITV1.
8.00pm The Biggest Loser USA Sky1
9.00pm The Silence BBC1 - 4-part drma about a deaf 18-year-old who witnesses the death of a policewoman. When DCI Jim Edwards takes on the homicide investigation of a murdered policewoman, he has no idea how it is going to impact on his relationship with his family. Continues till Thursday.
9.00pm Concorde's Last Flight Channel 4 - on 25 July 2000, a devastating crash outside Paris helped to seal Concorde's fate and brought the supersonic age to a close. A decade on, arguments still rage about the exact causes of the loss of Air France flight AF4590, and a French court case is due to decide whether anyone was to blame. Using archive footage, reconstructions and CGI, Concorde's Last Flight tells the turbulent story of the airliner's dramatic rise and fall in the words of her designers and engineers, the pilots and VIP passengers who flew in it, as well as witnesses to the French crash and crash investigators.
8.00pm The Ugly Face of Beauty Channel 4 - Over four films, Dr Christian Jessen presents the ultimate guide to successful cosmetic surgery. The first film investigates the realities of the nation's most popular cosmetic procedure: the boob job.
9.00pm That Mitchell & Webb Look BBC2 - Fourth series of the sketch series.
9.30pm Shooting Stars BBC2 - New series of the irreverent panel series. Example, Hairy Biker Si King, former Strictly dancer Camilla Dallerup and EastEnder's Shirley, also known as Linda Henry.
9.00pm The Fairy Jobmother Channel 4 - Hayley Taylor - last seen in Channel 4's 2009 documentary series Benefit Busters - is taking on the challenge of sorting out some of Britain's unemployed. In this timely new formatted documentary series, Hayley goes into the homes of people who - sometimes as a result of the economic climate - are out of work, aimless or have little or no desire to get a job.
10.35pm Between Life & Death BBC1 - Provocative documentary following the doctors who can now interrupt, and even reverse, the process of death. Filmed over six months in the country's leading brain injury unit (Addenbooke's Hospital, Cambridge), it follows the journey of a man who, by only moving his eyes, is eventually asked if he wants to live or die.
7.30pm Penquin Island BBC1 - Documentary about the penguins who live on Phillip Island. As devoted penguin couple Bluey and Sheila return to their cliff-top home to begin the annual breeding cycle, Penguin Island introduces the dedicated team of rangers and scientists who will monitor and protect them through the hottest summer on record.
8.00pm How to Look Good Naked Channel 4 - Gok gets his hands on social recluse Simon Wainwright and undertakes his first ever male makeover.
8.00pm My Pet Shame Sky1 - Gavin and Stacey's Joanna Page mucks in and meets animals with embarrassing problems, from stinking omissions to rude outbursts.
9.00pm Dragons' Den BBC2 - Devon-based vineyard owner Geoff Bowen hopes his unusual business proposition will tempt the Dragons, inventor Derek Cozens thinks that road signs are so last century, and Kirsty Henshaw hopes the Dragons will be tempted by her frozen pudding business.
9.00pm Living with Brucie Channel 4 - In 1983, aged just 24, Wilnelia Merced married one of Britain's most loved celebrity entertainers. Celebrating the 68th year of his showbiz career, Wilnelia wanted to unveil the secrets of their long and highly unusual marriage, and Cutting Edge has been given unprecedented access in this intimate and revealing account of day-to-day life with national treasure Bruce Forsyth.
9.00pm For Better or Worse ITV2 - Brand new three-part series following newlyweds Katie Price and Alex Reid as they celebrate their marriage with a blessing in the UK. After their surprise wedding in Vegas, Katie and Alex want to organise a celebration back home with family and friends. The cameras are with them as they choose their outfits, talk about venues and decide who is going to perform the blessing.
8.00pm The Man Who Moves Buildings Five - Documentary series following the work of a family-run haulage company based in Washington, Iowa.
9.00pm Victorian Pharmacy BBC2 - Historical observational documentary series in which historian Ruth Goodman, Professor Nick Barber and PhD student Tom Quick recreate an authentic 19th-century pharmacy. The team discover a world where traditional remedies, such as leeches, oil of earthworm and potions laced with cannabis and opium, held sway. After sampling some of the old ways, the team venture into new discoveries, such as the Malvern water cure, the bronchial kettle and the invention of Indian tonic water.
9.00pm Undercover Boss Channel 4 - Second series that sees six more British bosses take on the challenge. The first film of the series follows David Clarke. David has been Chief Executive of Best Western since 2005. He's a stickler for perfection, always looking for ways to better the brand, and has been the driving force behind several Best Western community and charity projects. David spends five days undercover as new recruit 'Andy Green', and his discoveries are mixed.
9.00pm Peter Andre: The Next Chapter ITV2 - eries following Peter Andre as he juggles work, life and looking after his children. In this episode, Peter finds himself busier than ever with a huge amount of work on, including TV presenting and promoting his new aftershave. Peter is interested in TV presenting as a career, and he gets a chance to prove himself with a two week gig on The 5 O'Clock Show.

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