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Friday, 10 September 2010

The TV Week - Saturday 18th - Friday 24th September

8.00pm Stephen Hawking's Universe Channel 4 - New three-part series. The world's most famous living scientist explores some of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos, revealing the wonders of the universe as never seen before. Thought-provoking and surprising,
8.45pm QI XL BBC2 - A Longer version of the first episode of the 8th series.
8.45pm Phil Collins: One Night Only ITV1 - One-off show in which megastar Phil Collins performs some of his greatest hits and versions of classic songs in a celebration of his love of Motown and soul. He is accompanied by a band of musical veterans which includes legendary Motown session players
9.15pm Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow BBC1 - Second series starting in Glasgow with stand-up performances from Daniel Sloss, Milton Jones and Craig Campbell.
6.45pm The Cube ITV - Second series of the popular gameshow fronted by Phillip Schofield.
7.30pm Antiques Roadshow BBC1
8.30pm The Battle of Britain BBC1 - Seventy years on, brothers Colin and Ewan McGregor take viewers through the key moments of the Battle of Britain, when 'the few' of the RAF faced the might of the Nazi Luftwaffe. As they fly historic planes, meet the veterans, explore the tactics and technology, Colin and Ewan discover the importance of the Battle and the surviving legacy of the 1940's campaign for the modern RAF.
9.00pm Joe Maddison's War ITV - One-off drama written by the late Alan Plater. As Britain is drawn into the Second World War, shipyard worker Joe Maddison finds himself at a crossroads. Days after his daughter's marriage, Joe's wife unexpectedly leaves him and for the first time in his life he is totally alone. Despite being a First World War hero, Joe is too old to serve again so he and his friend Harry volunteer for the Home Guard. The decision leads Joe on a journey of self-discovery upon which he learns lessons of heroism and friendship - and also finds love. Starring Kevin Whatley and Robson Green.
9.00pm Spooks BBC1 - Ninth series of the MI-5 drama. Reeling after the explosion at the hotel, Section D are left considering the sacrifices they make as spies. But they are soon back in action, tracking Somalian AQ terrorist Abib on a boat from Tangier. When it becomes clear that the boat is carrying a lethal load, the team fear it is headed to Plymouth for the launch of the newest addition to the royal navy's fleet. But is the real target elsewhere, and is it too late to find the UK source of the plan? Lucas's own faith is challenged when he is visited by an unwelcome ghost from his past.
9.00pm Unequal Opportunities with John Humphrys BBC2 - John Humphrys examines the reasons behind the stark educational attainment gap between advantaged and disadvantaged pupils, which has stubbornly refused to narrow, despite the pledge made by successive governments to put education at the top of the political agenda. This attainment gap is a problem that starts very early on, with experts saying that even before turning two, poor children have already fallen significantly behind in development. John travels the country visiting schools and meeting parents, teachers, pupils, tutors and researchers. He hears from teachers committed to finding ways to improve things and head teachers who have managed to turn failing schools around. The film is part of BBC Two's School Season.
9.00pm Rory & Paddy's Even Greater British Adventure Five - Comedians Paddy McGuiness and Rory McGrath travel Britain, partaking in the most unusual games and pastimes the country has to offer. The pair are in Scotland, where they ride a dangerous river on an airbed, hurl haggis and swordfight in Dumfries, and race each other on dog-sleds.
8.30pm Time to Remember BBC4 - Material from the 1950s series Time to Remember, which used pathe newsreel to chronicle the political, social and cultural changes that occurred during the first half of the 20th century, collected together thematically to create a new series. This episode tells the story of the men, women and machines who took to the skies and includes footage of the Wright brothers at Kittyhawke; Theodore Roosevelt becoming the first head of state to fly in a plane; the R101 disaster; and Lindbergh's first solo transatlantic flight.
9.00pm The Land of the Tiger BBC1 - Three-part series following a dramatic expedition searching for tigers hidden in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. With tigers heading for extinction, an international team of big cat experts and wildlife filmmakers are given unique access to the jungles and mountains of Bhutan for what could be the last chance to save this magnificent animal. Continues Wednesday, Concludes Thursday.
9.00pm Excluded BBC2 - Part-improvised topical drama which exposes the realities and struggles that some inner-city schools face today.
9.00pm The End Of God? A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion BBC4 - Historian Dr Thomas Dixon delves into the BBC's archive to explore the age-old conflict between religion and science. From the creationists of America to the physicists of the large hadron collider, he traces the expansion of scientific knowledge and asks whether there is still room for God in the modern world.
8.00pm Midsommer Murders ITV
8.00pm Cowboy Builders Five
9.00pm Britain's Youngest Boarders BBC2 - Documentary following boys as young as seven or eight years old when they leave home for the first time and start boarding school in England. This film tells the story of three boys - Luke, Louis and Dominic - during their first term at Sunningdale, a small family-run prep school in Berkshire that educates 100 boys, the vast majority of whom go on to top public schools like Eton or Harrow.
9.00pm Michael Wood's Story of Britain BBC4 - Series in which Michael Wood tells the story of one place throughout the whole of English history
10.00pm Seven Days Channel 4 - Seven Days captures the last week in the life of the neighborhood's most colourful characters, in the documentary series where what you see has only just happened. An outspoken hairdresser, a budding rapper, two glamorous models, a single mother, a student, two pet therapists, a flamboyant restaurateur and many more, all with stories to tell and decisions to make
10.45pm The Science of the Young Ones BBC1 - For one week, six famous faces went back to 1975 to see if living as their more youthful selves could make them physically and mentally younger. In this special, Michael Mosley explores the science behind the series, and tests the idea that we have control over how we age. The programme puts Britain under the microscope to see how our environment, our preconceptions about old people and how we behave ourselves can have enormous impact on how we feel about the elderly and how we ourselves age.
8.00pm Are You Fitter than a Pensioner BBC3 - The super fit pensioners living in Sun City Center in Florida are doing everything they can to fight off old age. But what happens when you send four young unfit and unhealthy Brits to live with some of the fittest pensioners in the world?
9.00pm Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers Five - Documentary series lifting the lid on the fascinating world of the legendary Eddie Stobart haulage company
9.00pm An Idiot Abroad Sky1 - Karl Pilkington's journey begins in the Far East. As well as casting his verdict on The Great Wall of China, he immerses himself in the culture
11.15pm Reaper Channel 4 - Second series of the US comedy.

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