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Saturday, 13 August 2011

The TVWEEK: Saturday 13th - Friday 19th August 2011


CH4, 7.00PM - Street Riots: The Live Debate
Krishnan Guru-Murthy holds a discussion of what started the London riots and what could be done to prevent them in the future.


BBC 3, 9.00PM - Young, Dumb and Living off Mum
New series of the BBC 3 show investigating what happens when a group of teenagers have to commit to long hours as cleaners and cooks in a busy London hostel.

E4, 10.00PM - Inbetweeners: Top 10 moments
In the run-up to the release of the eponymous film on the 19th August, E4 looks at the voters' choice of Inbetweeners moments, featuring interviews with celebrity fans and the cast.

CH4, 10.30PM - Graffiti Wars
Documentary exploring the feud between two of Britain's most elusive and famous graffiti artists; Banksy and King Robbo


BBC 1, 8.30PM - The August Riots - Panorama

BBC 4, 9.00PM - Great Thinkers: In Their Own Words - The Culture Wars


BBC 2, 8.00PM - The Great British Bake Off
New series. Who is the best of British in this amateur contest? Featuring walnut Batternberg cake and cupcakes!

CH4, 9.00PM - Seven Dwarves
New documentary series following the production of Snow White in Woking and its diminutive cast.


Ch5, 8.00PM - Croc Man
Crocodile lover Shaun Foggett struggles to open the UK's first ever crocodile zoo. Will he have to move to raise the necessary capital? If he does, where will his much-loved pets go?

BBC 1, 9.00PM - Who Do You Think You Are? J. K. Rowling

BBC 4, 9.00PM - Pendle Witch Child
Fans of  'real-life' witches and magic will find an interesting insight into the life of Jennet Device, 9, who in 1612 gave evidence that lead to the state-sanctioned execution of several of her family and neighbours.


CH4, 8.00PM - Country House Rescue
New series. No-nonsense Ruth Watson returns to talk sense at clueless country house owners who are running out of patience and money to fund their upkeep.

CH5, 9.00PM - Big Brother
It's been less than a year since CH4 gave up on this headline-grabbing reality show as it lost ratings. Will Channel 5 fare any better? Brian Dowling, media darling and series 2 winner, presents.

BBC4, 9.00PM - The Story of British Pathe
An antidote to the rise of reality shows - BBC 4 looks back at how Pathe chronicled British life in the 20th century.


BBC 1, 7.30PM - Fake Britain
Dominic Littlewood investigates Euro fakery, illegal pet cremation and paternity tests that aren't what they seem.

BBC 3, 10.30PM - Three @ The Fringe

BBC 2, 11.00PM - The Review Show at the Edinburgh Festival

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