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Saturday, 20 August 2011

The TVWEEK, Saturday 20th - Friday 26th August, 2011


ITV, 8.00pm - The X Factor

CH 4, 8.00pm - Great Migrations
Filmed over three years in over 20 countries, this looks at the migration patterns of animals and birds, including the wonderful sperm whale which, over its lifespan, can travel more than a million miles.


BBC 1, 9.00pm - Ocean Giants
Narrated by Stephen Fry, this program looks at the deep thinkers of the marine world.

BBC 4, 9.00pm - Timeshift: Nordic Noir - The Story of Scandinavian Crime Fiction
Looking at writers including Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell (Wallander).


CH 4, 8.00pm - The Pet Detectives
Sleuths uncover the work of animal thieves and investigate the Stourbridge 'Purr-Muda-Triangle', a place where several cats go missing every year.

BBC 2, 9.00pm - Horizon: The Nine Months That Made You
How much does our life before birth shape our post-natal lives?

BBC 3, 9.00pm - Cherry's Body Dilemmas
Investigating the body beautiful, Cherry addresses her own self-image insecurities by meeting women from along the size spectrum.


CH 5, 8.00pm - The Great Train Robber's Secret Tapes: Revealed

BBC 1, 10.35pm - I'm Pregnant With Their Baby
Looking at surrogate mothers: what does it take to carry someone else's baby?


BBC 2, 8.00pm - Natural World: Kimono - Secrets of the Dragon

CH 4, 9.00pm - Wallis Simpson: The Secret Letters
Was Wallis Simpson in love with another man when Edward VIII abdicated in 1936?


ITV, 9.00pm - Show Me The Funny Live Final
Will they actually show any material during this live final? We've not watched it since the first episode because of the lack of actual comedy material shown, so here's hoping that the final 3 get put to good use and actually produce some laughs. The winner will receive £100k, a DVD deal and the opportunity to have their own, national tour.


ITV, 9.00pm - Fraud Unit

CH 5, 9.00pm - Celebrity Big Brother, Live Eviction

CH 4, 10.25pm - Sean Lock: Lockipedia Live
Sean Lock's sell-out tour from 2010

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