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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Frankie Cocozza axed from X Factor

Image credit: ITV
Frankie has been axed from the X Factor, reports Digital Spy, just two days after he was saved by viewer's votes, leaving Johnny and Kitty to sing for survival.

As the subject of two Ofcom investigations for "allegedly" swearing on a live results show and for glamourising alcohol abuse onscreen (something ITV should take the rap for, rather than Frankie), Frankie had gone too far and top bosses at ITV have thrown him out.

But who will replace him? The Risk? That would make them the most messed-about with act in the show's history - one member has been thrown out of the competition three times!

How about Amelia Lily? This would be sweet justice for her given she was ceremoniously ditched by Frankie in favour of another woman.

Finally, it's possible that they could bring back Johnny, who was loved by many but not enough to save him from the wrath of the judges who, rightly, in my opinion, chose to give Kitty another chance.

The problem with bringing back any of the three acts I've mentioned is that it's simply not fair to bring them back as this is a viewer's programme. However much you disagree with who goes, if you don't vote, you can't moan. It's not perfect, but it's the show's format.

I think they should bring back someone who didn't make it through boot camp - that was the judges' decision alone and it would be great to see alleged Satanist Jade Richards come back. She had a wonderful voice and a personality to match, whatever her personal beliefs.

Who would you like to see back? Would it be fair to bring back someone the viewers didn't vote for enough or would you prefer someone from boot camp? How about a real wildcard - someone from a previous year?

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Anonymous said...

THANK GOD for the last shred of decency this show displays!
In my opinion, frankie cocozza never deserved to be in XFactor in the first place - he has got far too a mediocre voice and dull stage appearance!
I am very pleased this looser shot himself in the foot. The sooner the better for everyone.
I still wonder why, oh why did Gary Barlow seemed to be 'in awe' with this unremarkable young man!
The 'example' FC was setting to the teenagers was a bad one. Many girls per night, drugs, binge drinking? No, thank you, there are young people out there who could do WITHOUT a frankie coccozza.

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