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Monday, 12 December 2011

2012 Preview: The end of Hustle, BBC1

January will see the return of Hustle. The con based drama has been a favourite of mine from the very start.  The series, which will begin on the first Friday of the New Year, will be the eighth and most importantly the final series.  It’s a shame to see the series end but you know what they say about all good things.
I believe the secret behind its longevity is it continual ability to fool the audience. You would think after eight series of cons we‘d be too overly familiar with the format of each story to be conned yet again, but  no we keep coming back for more. . The stories are always engaging and exciting. Throughout every single episode we feel like we’re in on the con and then we find we’ve been conned too! It’s a premise that never fails to surprise me. The grifters have become almost super hero figures and there’s nothing Mickey Bricks isn’t capable of. He could sell Bill Gates the Moon if he wanted to. I may pitch that idea actually.

So should a series like this end? As much as I don’t want it to the truth is yes. There isn’t a TV drama that should last forever and its best to go out whilst there’s still an air of excitement about it.  Also it amazes me there’s any cons left mind you, if Casualty can still come up with ways for dippy members of the public to be set on fire or injured by their toasters I’m sure the brains behind Hustle are more than capable.

How should Hustle end? I’d like to see one final massive con that perhaps reunites Mickey Bricks with his former grafters. In other words I’d love to see Marc Warren and Jamie Murray return for a final big score.  Or could we see our beloved conmen finally caught? Unlikely I know but whatever happens at the end I’m sure we’ll be fooled yet again.  Hustle is glitzy and always fresh and there’s not anything else like it as far as style on UK TV so it’ll be a shame when the final episode fades to black but the anticipation of the final series is enough for now.
Details of the final outing are thin on the ground at the moment but we know Paterson Joseph (Survivors)  will be play a scheming gold dealer who becomes the group’s first mark of the series but details surrounding the ending are being kept very close to the chests that matter.

As for what we do now that the series have ended, well Albert will be popping up in Coronation Street and there have been continuous rumours of a big screen adaptation. Whatever happens I just hope we get the ending befitting of a such a masterful series. And I’ve no doubt that when the credits run for the final time, I’ll be reaching for my DVDs

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