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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sherlock: Series 2 - Episode 1 teasers

New Year's Day sees the return of BBC1's Sherlock with Holmes and Watson returning for three 90min episodes. These ten teasers of the first episode will not spoil enjoyment of the episode but might just wet your appetite of what's to come. If you don't want to know anything about the opener then we'll say goodbye now.

Here are our teasers for the first episode A Scandal in Belgravia

1) The series does pick up from 2009's cliffhanger with Sherlock holding Moriarty at gun point in an abandoned swimming pool.

2) Sherlock has become an internet sensation with John's Blog becoming a huge success.

3) The boys are allowed to pick their cases.

4) Sherlock wears a sheet to Buckingham Palace

5) John punches Sherlock in the face.

6) Sherlock looses his magic touch around a naked woman

7) Watson is held at gunpoint again.

8) There's an interesting Matrix style fight scene in slow motion

9) Sherlock gets a personalized text alert noise.

10) Mrs. Hudson hosts a Christmas party that sees Sherlock put his foot in it with admirer Molly Hooper.

Based on the opening episode the second series of Sherlock good shape up to be better than the first. The chemistry we've come to love between Holmes and Watson is seemingly stronger than ever. A Scandal in Belgravia is exciting and thrilling and just what Sherlock fans have been waiting for. Steven Moffat's script is faultless and proves that the two year wait for this new installment has been worth it. Its exciting enough to have it back on our screens to be honest.
You can catch Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia on New Year's Day at 8.10pm on BBC1

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