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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Eternal Law: The TV equivalent of a big blob of Marmite?

Before you read this review there are two things you need to know. Firstly.I am always and I mean always exicted to get my teeth into a new drama series. And secondly I always want to like something new and fresh on TV. With those two things in my mind you may read ahead.
What to say about Eternal Law? This new 6-part fantasy/legal drama from the minds behind Ashes to Ashes presents the audience with a real conundrum. On one hand it could be seen as an interesting yet very quirky fish out of water story, or on the other hand it could be seen as a daft piece of TV fluff that was scraped through the commissioning process thanks to the successes of its two writers. 

The series sees two angels fall to earth to work as lawyers and serve Humankind. You see its daft. To help the audience understand the concept of the main two characters being "not of this world"  we get occasional shots of their huge white wings which can occasionally be seen behind our lawyers as if to compare them to a dog with an overexcited tail  The story begins with our two heavenly helpers lying in a corn field in York and progresses as they try to get to grips with life below the clouds.

The main problem with Eternal Law is its just too silly  to takes seriously, even though it takes itself far too seriously in places. .The acting is slightly wooden and it remains bonkers throughout.  Our lead characters are too “dippy” to be treated with any real respect from the audience and the whole thing feels like an elaborated children’s series with bigger budget and in the case of the first episode, a sniper is thrown in to build up a tiny bit of excitement.  The dialogue doesn’t really ever reach the heights you expect either  “He’s not a very nice man is he?” Says one angel to another. “No he’s a delusional psychopath with breath like a dying warthog but he’s our dying warthog and we’ll do the best for him.”

 I think Eternal Law will be marmite television. It will find an audience for those who are willing to stick with it to see where the writers are going but I think most people will be confused, belittled and uninterested in the plot or its characters to last past episode 1. As the story progresses we get more “greetings card” soppy dialogue and nothing new to keep us watching. I never want to dislike a new piece of drama and part of me applauds ITV for trying a new twist on the legal drama but this is a poorly executed piece of drama and perhaps what the word quirky was intended to be used for.

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Daryl said...

I enjoyed the quirkiness of it more than I thought I would given the terrible reviews in the Radio Times. I especially liked Samuel West's world-weary angel. But I'm sure that most people will find its whimsy off-putting whereas fans of fantasy and Ashes To Ashes will find it too twee. I don't see this coming back for a second series.

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