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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The National TV Awards 2012: The Highs and Lows

I have never, never enjoyed a TV awards ceremony. Awards ceremonies are often responsible, ironically for some of the most gushing and embarrassing moments we ever see on television. I suppose its nice to see all your TV favourites dressed up to the nines and giggle at their insincere applause when they lose out to something like Celebrity Juice but I've never really been excited or interested in who wins and who goes home empty handed. I've never really been sure of the appeal of Awards ceremonies on TV as  they always feel so forced and cheesy but last night saw the viewers casting the votes for the 17th annual National Television Awards. Sadly the viewers love Keith Lemon, The Only Way is Essex and This Morning strangely.
The Highlights

  • The peculiar/quirky yet strangely entertaining opening from Bruce Forysth and Ant & Dec
  • The reading glasses clip from Michael Mcintyre's Comedy Roadshow
  • Michael Mcintyre winning for best entertainment programme 
  • Dermott's introduction for Hugh Bonneville
  • Jacqueline Jossa winning best Newcomer for her role in EastEnders
  • Alan Carr's delight at winning for Chatty Man
  • Ant & Dec winning best entertainment presenter. They'll still the best at what they do.
  • Katherine Kelly winning for serial drama performance.
  • Hilary Devey's cringeworthy moment where she was forced to read her list of nominees long after they had been announced on screen
  • Bruce Forsyth's introduction for Jonathan Ross.
  • Jonathan Ross being surprisingly humble and lovely while accepting his Special recognition award. 
  • Corrie dedicating their award to Betty Driver.

The Lowlights

  • Tulisa's awful dress and her announcement that she was so happy to be "really excited to be here tonight presnetin' the first award 
  • Russell Kane - need I say more
  • Celebrity Juice winning best panel show
  • The performance from Little Mix. I've already forgotten about them!
  • Benedict Cumberbatch not being nominated in best drama performance Male. Where was Sherlock?!
  • The fact that the whole event seemed to be an ITV lovefest with presenters like Tulisa, Mark Wright and too much emphasis on ITV programming.
  • Take Me out being nominated for best entertainment programme. 
  • Kermit the Frog - Need I say more?
  • having to sit through Fatima having a cockroach up her nose again! Its still as stomach churning as it was back in November and we don't see to it ever again!!
  • Will I AM's stupid glasses. He was indoors get a grip man!
  • The Military Wives. Don't Get me wrong I appreciate them but just not sure this was the right setting for a performance. 
  • No one who won an award was expecting it. Really?
  • Paul O'Grady.


Anonymous said...

BBC seemed to miss out (take a hint BBC). Keith Lemon and Russell Kane, is it just me or are they really annoying and immature. Why no mention of Sherlock. It's an awesome program that needs more episodes on a more regular basis. There is a lot of rubbish out there and what good stuff there is, is in short supply.

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I have also never seen TV awards. Well, really knowledgeable post for me.

Anonymous said...

I think no Sherlock because there were no new episodes in 2011 (the first series being in 2010).

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