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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sponsored Video: Geordie Lads Are Shark Bait'

Over the past few years the lines between TV genres have started to blend and blur. Nowadays audiences can expect their dramas to be sprinkled with a little comedy and their sitcom characters to experience some real life dramas. Audiences have a healthy appetite for something new and exciting and they’re picky about where it comes from or what kind of media it is. Reality TV is probably the best example of this. As much as people say the genre has become passé or repetitive broadcasters and advertisers alike are still coming up with new and interesting slants on the genre and testing the boundaries of what really constitutes reality TV.

With Video and advertising available almost every where you turn and the advent of sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube it's never been more important and crucial for advertisers to get our attention and get us “hash tagging”, tweeting or texting about something before another video of a dancing cat pops up and takes us elsewhere.

This sponsored post shows a new viral video from Bacardi illustrates my point perfectly The video (which can be viewed by hitting play below) entitled Feeding Frenzy! Geordie Lads Gone Fishing in the Caribbean is a clever example that draws on the way most reality TV shows are produced and shows how this has influenced the way advertisers target their audiences.

The thirty second tease advert wouldn’t look out of place on an episode of Survivor or other survival type series. The piece is made with as much drama and tension as an episode of the X Factor without subjecting you to the singers. Our lovely Geordie lads who look ideally placed for any reality show you could mention are initially told they’re off on a deep sea fishing trip in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean but their jovial “lads abroad” demeanor quickly changes when they discover they will become shark bait. When the shock announcement is made the once appealing crystal clear ocean becomes a place of dread, fear and deep anxiety for the audience to revel in. Will they conquer their fear and play along or will they stay aboard the boat with its comforting leather upholstery viewing deck?

The short burst of drama, tension and excitement wouldn’t look out of place as a teaser for an upcoming reality series and serves as another example of how media and television genres are becoming an interchangeable and diverse part of our lives. Hit play to see the ad.

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