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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Flat Lemonaid on a Saturday night

Keith Lemon's Lemonaid lacked fizz; just why has he been commissioned for pre-watershed entertainment?

It's often the case that TV and film producers alike are keen to capitalize on the popularity of a franchise and so over-commission, in the form of prequels, sequels and spin offs. Here it looks like Lemon's been over stretched and he's just not as pithy as his more lascivious, rambunctious, late night self. Stunted by a pre-watershed scheduling decision, Lemon's humour is relegated to the odd double entendre and attempted chemistry with the preternaturally ageless and graceful Cilla Black.

Criminally underused, Black was nonplussed for much of the show, reduced to catchphrases. Given the apparent demographic of the audience, she seemed an odd choice. 68-year-old Cilla's not been seen on a regular show since Blind Date, which incredibly ran from '85 until 2003, a time when, presumably, little Keith Lemon wannabe Luke was still wearing nappies.
So what was the premise of the show? In typical Saturday night show style, it was bitty, with audience participation and prizes that ranged from a swing ball set to a Caribbean cruise (billed as a 'huge floater').

We had 3 kids who were interested in Rizzle Kicks, a band who stood out as hugely anachronistic given the age of both Lemon and sidekick Cilla. Their parents arrived to play 'Mamma do the hump', where they 'spat' water at their children, dressed as camels. Then there was a girl who wanted a new haircut and, presumably due to the pressure of the producers or the idea that she'd be on telly, allowed Keith and Cilla to lop locks of her hair off and shave her head. There was a boy whose dream was to be like Keith Lemon, (who says kids don't have real dreams? Aim high, kid!). There was a lady whose glasses were sellotaped to her head after she complained that she was constantly losing them.


Some hybrids work well: a Liger and a Zedonk being good examples, but this was a mix of too many previous successful programmes; a mash up of the good old-fashioned family fun of the Generation Game, the prizes from Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, and an attempt at the surrealism of Vic and Bob's Shooting Stars. But when you mix too many colours, you eventually get a big mess of brown. I'll leave you to make your own analogies around that image.

Lacking in substance, Keith Lemon's neutered version is like fast food; there's just no nutritional value. Although it might have worked better on a Saturday morning, I'd probably have experienced more joy sucking a real lemon dry. At least the resulting 'sour face' that inspires would have entertained my audience more than this did.

Reviewed by Tannice for thecustardtv. Follow Tannice on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Typical review from a critic,wrong names of people on the show,and just totally downbeat,shall we all watch what you want to watch? Also get your facts right about people on the show,mainly the girl who had her head shaved,she wasn't bullied intoiand before you ask,yes I do know the facts,and my review on you is you just spout opinionated drivel,quite fitting really as your an unknown.I'd change my career if I was you pal

Tannice said...

Thank you for your feedback. 

I would like to say however, you are allowed your opinion as much as I am. This is a review site. That's what we do here. We get thousands of views per week so I'm guessing many people do sometimes agree with what the reviewers here say. No, you don't have to watch what I want to watch. You don't have to agree with me. This is my opinion. That's what a review is. I'm glad you enjoyed it because I really didn't. At least one person did.

I'm assuming you are related to or know the lady whose hair was shaved. I did say 'presumably'; there's absolutely no way I could know.

We'll see what the ratings say as the series continues, but with start up ratings of 3.28m compared with 3.3m for an old Harry Hill repeat, it's not looking good!

Anonymous said...

No not related at all to the lady who had her head shaved. Also the little boy who wanted to be Mini Keith was not called Luke either so as for research, clearly there wasn't any done. If people dont like it then they wont watch but why moan about it. Each to there own, you are correct but why moan about something that is just trying to make people happy. Miserable sod !!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love it and it gets better every week hilarious tonight !

Anonymous said...

Keith Lemon character is one trick pony that's been stretched way too far. Shit-ting minus the 'ting'.

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