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Friday, 31 August 2012

Hermione Norris talks A Mother's Son, ITV

When a teenage schoolgirl is found murdered in the woods near a local town in Suffolk the news rips through the heart of the whole community, and that of mother of two Rosie Haleton (Hermione Norris) who discovers damning evidence that could be connected to the heinous crime. Recently remarried, Rosie lives with her two children Jamie (Alexander Arnold) and Olivia, husband Ben Harley (Martin Clunes) and his children from a previous marriage, Jessica and Rob. As the newly formed family settle into daily life living
together under one roof, Rosie begins to suspect she may be sharing her home with a killer when she finds a pair of blood-splattered trainers hidden under her son Jamie’s bed.
At first Rosie tries to dismiss her suspicions believing them too incomprehensible tobe true. Could her teenage boy be involved in murder?

In this interview former Spooks and Cold Feet star Hermione Norris talks about the challenges of her role at the centre of the story.

What attracted you to play Rosie in A Mother’s Son?
It was Chris Lang’s script. I thought it was a really good. There is something very raw about Chris’ writing. The story is fascinating psychologically and emotionally. It’s an interesting dilemma Rosie faces.

How are we introduced to Rosie in the drama?
Rosie has recently been divorced and she works in a local deli. Essentially mother and a family woman. She’s found happiness again with Ben, Martin Clunes, and the relationship presents new hopes and new beginnings. second chance at marriage after her first to David (Paul McGann).

How does Rosie’s recent marriage to Ben affect her children, and in particularher son, Jamie? 
The integrating of two families really interested Chris when he wrote the script. They have all recently moved into a house together, she and her two children, and Ben and his son and daughter. They suffer the usual stresses and strains of family life but  right from the get-go there is unease with Rosie’s son Jamie. Rosie and Jamie have an incredibly close bond, she’s a mother and he’s her son. Rosie absolutely adores him, he’s her baby. You see how close they are in the story.

Can you relate to Rosie?

I am a mother so I understand that huge love you have for your children. It’s powerful. You would kill for your children. A mother’s love is universal. 
After I’d accepted the role I talked about playing this part with a couple of people and 

it was surprising to realise how some mothers had thought her dilemma through. I 
hadn’t actually, but it’s really interesting.

What is Rosie’s reaction when she finds a pair of blood-stained trainers hidden under Jamie’s bed not long after a reported murder?
When Rosie find the trainers I think instinctively, on some level, she knows in that very moment he might be involved, but she does everything possible to deny that to herself. She tries to find any scrap of evidence to prove it’s not what she thinks it is – evidence linking him to the murder of a schoolgirl.  
At first she tries to put the situation to the back of her mind. She pulls the trainers out, but thinks ‘no’ and hides them again, denying it. But then when his behaviour is off the wall Rosie decides to try to test the trainers for blood, and starts to check where he’s been and when he arrived home. It’s her own exploration find anything suggesting this murder is nothing to do with him.

A Mother's Son can be seen on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th of September at 9pm on ITV1

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