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Monday, 24 September 2012

ITV's Whitechapel to return for 4th series

ITV has commissioned a fourth series of the 6 x 60” hit drama, Whitechapel from Carnival FilmsThe series written by Ben Court and Caroline Ip, and starring Rupert Penry-Jones, Phil Davis and Steve Pemberton will begin filming later this year. Actor Steve Pemberton has been commissioned to pen the middle story of three and will bring his own unique injection of dark wit and humour to the brand.

Executive Producer, Sally Woodward Gentle says: “I’m thrilled that the audience enjoyed our new formatted triple dose of Whitechapel as much as we enjoyed making them. Ben and Caroline’s stories get richer the more they delve into the dark history of Whitechapel and with the brilliant, inventive mind of Steve Pemberton behind one of the stories, Whitechapel promises to reach new thrilling depths.”

Laura Mackie, Director of Drama, ITV says: The first full series of Whitechapel was a huge hit with the ITV audience with its unique take on the crime genre and the brilliantly original combination of Chandler, Miles and Buchan. I'm so pleased that they're coming back to solve more historically inspired crimes”.

The original three part serial of Whitechapel debuted on February 02, 2009 with overnight ratings reaching 8.13 million viewers.


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