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Thursday, 21 February 2013

A clip from the next Mr. Selfridge

This Sunday on Mr Selfridge Harry and Rose are hosting a dinner in honour of friends Frank and Jennie Woolworth. There is much Harry has in common with Frank Woolworth - a fellow American retail tycoon and founder of the famous High Street chain. A Woolworth’s store is soon opening in Brixton, and when Frank muses of a possible West End branch – Harry’s feathers become really ruffled.

Harry wants to make a statement in reaffirming that Selfridge’s is open to everyone and anyone – just like Woolworth’s. When he orders spot reductions on different merchandise, Miss Mardle suggests they make an event of it: why don’t they hold a ‘mid-season’ sale? Harry loves the idea. He wants window displays, and to double advertising space. He is convinced that Woolworth is stealing a march on him, and he’s determined to stop him. Michael Brandon Guest Stars.

Mr. Selfridge continues Sunday at 9.00pm on ITV

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