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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

BBC2 calls time on The Hour

Broadcast Now have announced that BBC2 will not be commissioning a third series of Abi Morgan's The Hour. The series, which stars Dominic West and Ramola Gari was the first drama series on BBC2 to receive a second series in a decade. The series was well recieved by critics and fans alike and was nominated for awards and was shown in America by BBCAMERICA.   It had been the original intention of the production company behind the programme, Kudos, to produce at least three series. Jane Featherstone, chief executive of Kudos Film and Television, said she was "sad and disappointed" by the decision.

The BBC said: "We loved the show but have to make hard choices to bring new shows through." 

An online petition to save the series can be singed here

Both series are available on DVD.


Anonymous said...

Ms Featherstone isn't the only one to feel that way. I thought The Hour was outstanding; superb acting all round, and an excellent, thought-provoking script. Why on earth they had to end it so abruptly, leaving viewers with a massive cliffhanger that will now forever be unresolved, I can't imagine. To those crying 'low ratings' I would say 'so what?' On one of the commercial channels, yes, but the BBC doesn't have to chase ratings. So what on earth justifies such a decision?

Big Joe said...

I imagine it's cost driven, both the attention to period detail and the high profile cast add to the costs, and given the Licence freeze (real terms cut with Inflation, plus extra Welsh C4 and World Service spend) that the Government / Press Barons imposed there's likely to be an increasing squeeze.

Anonymous said...

That would make sense to me were it not for the new commissions and returning programmes announced yesterday, none of which can cost peanuts either. Whatever the reason, I could accept the fact of cancellation, reluctantly, but leaving such a massive cliffhanger - which in itself strongly suggests that a third series was planned - unresolved and other story strands (Marnie's pregnancy, for example) just hanging loose is unforgivable.

Starting new dramas - fine. But what on earth is the point when you may - as they have emphatically done this time - fail to finish the job??

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