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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lee Mack to host new entertainment series for Sky 1

The Not Going Out star has been announced as the host of new 14-part entertainment series Ducks Don't Echo.

Produced by Magnum Media, the concept of the series is based around amazing facts and trivia. Shot in front of a studio audience, each show will see three celebrity panellists offering up an incredible fact in a bid to prove they have the best. The heritage of the fact may be from pub banter or it could be based on anecdotal evidence, either way each celebrity champions and stands by the authenticity of their claim as they are put to the test by any means necessary. Whether it involves gluing themselves to a ceiling or participants receiving electric shocks, the elaborate and hilarious methods will be employed to establish a winner.

Philip Edgar-Jones commented: “Lee Mack is a very funny man and we loved the pilot for this so much – with its smart blend of comedy and mad facts – that we had to buy the series. I think it’s going to be a real treat for Sky Customers.”

Lee Mack added: “I'm really, really excited at the prospect of finally putting to the test such important, profound and meaningful debates as 'do cows that have names really provide more milk?”

DUCK QUACKS DON’T ECHO will start filming this Spring. Andy Auerbach and Dean Nabarro are the executive producers for Magnum and Chris Brogden for Sky.

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