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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Channel 4 announce series from Educating Essex star

Channel 4 will bring back inspirational Head Teacher Stephen Drew from Educating Essex for a brand new series which will see him send parents and their children back to school.

All Back to School (w/t) will feature children aged between 9-12 years old, most of whom are on the brink of permanent exclusion from school. Mr Drew, who has an outstanding track record for turning around unruly children, will work with his team of specialists to help settling the kids into their own schools and allow them to benefit from the best possible education.

However, the children’s behaviour won’t be the only thing put under the microscope – their parents will also be going back to the classroom, where they will witness their child’s bad behaviour first hand as well as having to address their own parenting skills.

The 6x60 series follows the kids and their parents as they spend time at a residential summer school run by Mr Drew. Looking at how the families function before, during and after their stay at the summer school, it will be compelling and inspiring as Mr Drew strives to deliver dramatic results and help powerless parents take control of their children again.

All Back to School (w/t) was commissioned by Head of Features, Gill Wilson, and Features Commissioning Editor, Katie Boyd. Made by Ricochet, a Shed Media company, it will be executive produced by Sam Wilson and series produced by Dave Mackay. It will air on Channel 4 in the autumn.

Katie Boyd said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be working with Stephen Drew again. He is one of the most inspirational and generous-minded teachers in Britain, with an incredible track record. If anyone can turnaround families at rock bottom – he can.”

Nick Emmerson, CEO of Ricochet added: “The best factual television manages to entertain while at the same time making a small difference to how we view the world around us. With the unique talents of Stephen Drew at the heart of this series, we are very excited about having the opportunity to create some truly heart-warming and memorable TV.”

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