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Thursday, 30 May 2013

ITV release trailer for Love & Marriage

ITV have released a trailer for upcoming comedy drama Love & Marriage starring Alison Steadman The series starts with Pauline Paradise: on the day she retires from work as a lollipop lady, she also decides to walk out on her marriage to Ken. As the weeks go by the series explores the aftermath of Pauline’s decision, along with the knock-on effects it has on her three adult children – it shakes their worlds and makes them look differently at their own idiosyncratic relationships… with explosively funny and emotional consequences

It’s the day of Pauline’s retirement and she’s disappointed to learn that hardly anyone’s noticed or really cares – least of all her husband Silent Ken. The only person who does notice is Peter Bachman, who gives her a present. Pauline feels progressively more and more put upon and taken for granted by her family, and the pressure builds when her dad, Frank, has an accident. She seeks comfort from Ken who cruelly dismisses her, which is the last straw for Pauline - should she sit back and accept her life as it has been for years, or take a chance on a brand new one?

                       Love & Marriage starts Wednesday 5th June on ITV.

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