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Friday, 17 May 2013

The BBC release first picture for Luther Series 3

Recently I looked at some things we know about the forthcoming third series of expectational BBC crime drama Luther.  
  • We know Luther will be back for Two 2-part stories totalling four episodes.
  • We know from BBC drama commissioner  Ben Stephenson that the first episode is 'terrifying' 
  • We know all of the main cast from series 2 including Warren Brown and Dermot Crowley.
  • We know Sienna Guillory (Resident Evil, Inkheart, Love Actually, Eragon) has been cast to play Luther’s new love interest
  • And possibly the most exciting bit of news to do the rounds about the new series is the confirmation of the return of the wonderful Ruth Wilson as the delightfully devilish Alice Morgan.
Almost five months on from those original snippets of information leaking out the BBC have finally provided us with the first real taster of the new series in the form of a brand new publicity picture.

Though this atmospheric publicity pic gives nothing away about what we can expect from the new series its mere existence is a really positive sign. The fact that we are slowly getting these pictures means that the series is on the horizon. It doesn't mean that we have any transmission dates yet but it means it must be on the way. The second series of Luther started in June of 2011 and I would be happy to but bets on this current series starting at a similar time. Whatever we get Luther related I'll keep you posted!


                 Luther Series 3 is expected in Summer/Autumn 2013 on BBC1 

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