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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Step into the world of Blip

Blip is a site unlike any other. It's a site devoted to short films. It's a site full of unique content that allows visitors to viewers videos in almost any genre. The films are series with a new episode uploaded every week.

An example of the unique content available on the site is the comedy action series Voyage Trekkers.  The sci-fi comedy about the worst crew in the galaxy has proved popular with viewers and is now in its second run with 20 episodes produced in all.

In the most recent Captain Sunstrike is in the vile clutches of the evil Draudis lizard men and only his faithful crew can rescue him. Sounds odd I know and part of it is but the video, and the series as a whole has a warm charm to it.

As Captain Sunstrike battles with lizard captain (you all look alike) his crew prepare to pounce but carrying the scanner and the medical probe makes Doctor Rena look bulky. The Voyage Trekkers are a hapless bunch. The two minute video is well paced and well produced certainly showing more potential than the majority of BBC comedy output of late.

Click the Link to watch the latest episode of Voyage Trekkers.
Visit Blip for more unique content 

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