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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Clips from BBC3's The Call Centre

BBC3 launches a new fly on the wall documentary tonight. The Call Centre has already been heavily trailed and I can tell you it's worth the wait.

Over the span of five episodes camera capture the ups and downs of a Call centre in Swansea. Boss 'Nev' is a real life David Brent who believes " happy people sell." The series is a cut above any other BBC Three series in this genre and is genuinely good fun.

Episode One Synopsis: There are now over a million people working in call centres, with an average age of just 26. They are the factories of our time, but at the third largest call centre in Swansea the only things being made are the cold calls we dread. This series follows the ups and downs, the inbounds and outbounds of call centre CEO Nev Wilshire and his staff of extraordinary characters. Nev believes only 'happy people sell' and has developed a unique approach to managing his young workforce - keeping them smiling and the sales rolling in.

Using his unorthodox approach to management, Nev plans to improve the performance of admin assistant Kayleigh by finding her a new boyfriend. Tea lady Hayley gets an unexpected gift from Nev, but her smile vanishes after the sales manager plays a practical joke on her.

The Call Centre starts tonight at 9.00pm on BBC Three 

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