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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Changes We'd like to seen made at BBC1

With the announcement Charlotte Moore has been named controller of BBC1 we've put together a list of things we hope the new Controller can implement to the nation's flagship channel.

1) As she's come from the a documentary commissioning background we hope that she can commission more hard hitting and real life documentaries for prime time.

2) Saturday night needs a lot of work. Despite their instance on sticking with The Voice we hope that Charlotte can help make Saturday nights an event again on BBC1.

3) The BBC has drama sewn up with hits like Last Tango in Halifax, Accused and Silk winning both audience and critical acclaim. We hope Charlotte can maintain the BBC's commitment to home-grown and original author led drama. We also hope she remains committed to the BBC's long running series like Silent Witness and New Tricks.

4)  Although Mrs Brown's Boys and Miranda have proved huge ratings successes we really hope Charlotte can find that elusive thing that every controller searches for...... a more mainstream modern hit comedy.

5)  The BBC doesn't needs to remember its roots and stop commissioning daft series like Don't Scare the Hare, Richard Hammond's Secret Service 2013's awful series Animal Antics. Series like this demean the channel. Of course there's a place for light entertainment but the BBC haven't had a great track record in that department of late so we hope Charlotte can get that sorted.

6) The schedules need a nicer balance of drama and comedy. Nights of Watchdog followed Crimewatch need to be a thing of the past. These consumer programmes have their place but the BBC shouldn't be placing such emphasis on series like this on the same evening.

7) Axe Ben Elton comedy The Wright Way.

Previous Controller Danny Cohen made a lot of good changes to the channel in his time as head and if Charlotte makes all or any of these changes BBC1 could be stronger than ever. It's important the nation's flagship channel doesn't lose its identity and the viewers don't lose faith in its output. We look forward to seeing what changes Charlotte Moore will implement. 

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