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Monday, 22 July 2013

The Returned - Adele: The French supernatural series offers up more mysteries ahead of next week's finale

Tempting though it is to base this entire review around my appreciation of Lena’s hair (so long, so shiny, so Pre-Raphaelite) I shall drag myself back to trying to find answers to the numerous questions this thriller poses.

*thinks for a few moments*

Nope, nada. I do not have a clue. All I know is that next week’s finale is going to be a cracker. Though sadly, as a second series has been commissioned, it is unlikely that all will be explained next week.

So what do we know so far?

The Returned, who are numerous, cannot be killed. However, both Camille and Simon are starting to develop wounds similar to Victor’s. Are they decomposing?

Lucy, the clairvoyant whose powers only work when she’s in flagrante delicto, is very keen on Simon (aren’t we all dear, join the queue) and also very pleased when the woodland Returnees turn up en masse. If I saw a large gang of the undead approaching me in the gloom, I’d be terrified. Lucy, by contrast, appears smug.

Not however, as smug as Pierre. This week, he takes Claire down to the Helping Hand’s basement. Another place I’d be terrified to go. Sure enough, after the practical store of food, there’s a cage full of weapons. Clearly someone’s expecting a battle. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, Pierre then reveals an operating room. Whether it’s intended for the Returnees or the living we have yet to find out, but his cultish zeal makes me think that for many of our characters, it ain’t gonna end well.

Other characters having issues this week were Serge and Toni, and Laure, Julie and Victor. Both groups discovered that the town had yet another mystery, no one can leave. Oh yes, just like the Hotel California, anyone who tries to escape ends up going round in circles. What I haven’t fathomed yet (apart from why?) is whether they are stuck in a loop or if they can return to the town.

If they can, it’s likely that Laure, Julie and Victor will be supported by Adele and Chloe, having shown off their respective links to the undead. Unlike poor Toni, who has lost Serge to the lake after they tried to swim across. Has Serge been sucked in by the drowned village or will he turn up again?

The stage seems to be set for a battle, and not just between the Returned and the living. So far we have Lucy and her band of woodlanders, Pierre and his commune, and then several rogue members. Is Thomas out to rid the world of returnees or will he team up with Simon to keep Adele and Chloe safe. Will Camille and Lena’s reunion lead to a defeat of Pierre? Will the town flood so the villagers can get revenge?

And how did Mme Costa die? She’s telling different versions to everyone, but it did ring true that she was part of the old village, which makes Victor part of it too. I hope some of these questions are answered next week, but the programme makers have certainly done enough to make sure I’ll be tuning in for Series 2.

Contributed by Victoria Prior

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